Old Hollywood Glamour: 10 Actresses Who Inspire Me

As a new(ish) beauty blogger for Babble, I think about the things that inspire me when it comes to beauty a lot more now. It’s one thing to play with makeup or have it be part of your every day routine; it’s another when you now share it with readers. I really started thinking about which makeup styles I like, the looks I’m drawn to, what works, what doesn’t, and what I would ultimately like to share with you all when it comes to beauty and personal style. I thought about the women in my life who inspired me, but I also thought about the images I saw growing up on television and film that left an impression on me. My mother used to watch old Hollywood films and would always say how much she loved Katharine Hepburn. She liked her spunk, tailor-made clothes, and style. I really can’t think of another woman who pulled off a pencil skirt and pumps like she did. I think it was then, at the age of about 7 or so, that I started to learn the difference between trends and a classic look. Although I participated in my fair share of trends, I always went back to the classic elegance I had seen as a child.

At the same time, life doesn’t always allow time for a whole lot of primping when you’re a mom. Getting my hair to look like Rita Hayworth is not part of my world. However, looking at glamorous images certainly does remind me that it’s fun to doll up and inspires me to add a bit more glamour to the every day. Here are 10 Hollywood actresses who inspire me to glam up.


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    My top four: Ava Gardner, Katharine Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, and Jane Russell

  • Marilyn Monroe 2 of 11

    Of course we can't kick off a list of Hollywood icons without Marilyn Monroe. It's actually this series of images of her at the beach that inspire me the most. Her laughter and carefree attitude is what makes her beautiful. It doesn't hurt to have perfectly white teeth either as an accessory.

    (Photo: InsideTurnersCorner)

  • Audrey Hepburn 3 of 11

    There's something about Audrey Hepburn's delicate physique and bold eyebrows that just scream perfection to me. Your eyebrows can make a major statement on your face all on their own. Even with no jewelry, hair up, and a simple blouse, this picture is full-on glamour.

    (Photo: FabulousCelebrities)

  • Elizabeth Taylor 4 of 11

    Speaking of eyebrows, Elizabeth Taylor's violet eyes and black hair are just stunning. During the '80s, when the all-American blonde look was taking over, I loved seeing images of women with strikingly beautiful dark hair.

    (Photo: TrueClassics)

  • Ava Gardner 5 of 11

    Here's another brunette beauty whose face could not have been drawn to be more symmetrical — Ava Gardner. Ignoring the scandal that followed her throughout life, when it comes to beauty, she has it. The arched eyebrows and flirty lash is what adding a bit of drama with makeup is all about. Oh, and the hat. The hat just completes the look flawlessly.

    (Photo: ACertainCinema)

  • Grace Kelly 6 of 11

    I love that Grace Kelly owned her look. Her style was very understated, clean, and polished.

    (Photo: Mumsru.co.uk)

  • Lena Horne 7 of 11

    I was tempted to add a picture of Lena Horne smiling, because that is what makes her so stunning. But even with her hair done and jewels, her natural beauty takes over.

    (Photo: Mighty Beauty)

  • Katharine Hepburn 8 of 11

    No one can part their hair to the side and still pull off sexy like Katharine Hepburn. She's glamorous and powerful all in one.

    (Photo: PrintandPattern)

  • Rita Hayworth 9 of 11

    Rita Hayworth's flirty lashes always bring a smile to my face. Although her original round hairline (ahem, like mine) was just as nice as her higher one, she still inspires me to be more playful with makeup.

    (Photo: FreshPressVintage)


  • Greta Garbo 10 of 11

    Great Garbo's makeup is more like fine art. I look at her pictures as inspiration for definition, design, illusion, and contour.

    (Photo: Independent.co.uk)

  • Jane Russell 11 of 11

    Jane Russell was exquisite. But what I particularly love about this picture are the lashes. I tend to add a cat eye, but this look is definitely one I would like to try.

    (Photo: Listal)

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