Olfactif: A Perfume Subscription Service To Engage Your Senses [Review]

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved perfume. In elementary school a friend and I started our own “perfume line” which entailed mixing things from her garden in with department store perfume samples. It’s kind of miracle neither one of us ended up with a chemical burn.

Still, my love of scent has never waned. Which is why I immediately signed up for Olfactif, a new perfume subscription service that introduces you to three niche fragrances that no one can find with each delivery and then gives you $18 off a full sized bottle each month. So you can smell even hip-er.

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    From the company website: "Olfactif is a first-of-its kind subscription-based fragrance discovery service. We are people who love perfume and the power of scent."

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    From the company website: "Around the first of each month, we send subscribers a curated collection of three niche fragrance samples from artists around the world. We supplement your exploration with rich content about the featured artists and their scents, their inspirations, and their creative process. When you fall in love with a scent, you can purchase your full-sized bottle on Olfactif."

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    Opening the box initiates you into the Olfactif experience. I received mine as a sample at BlogHer so a hand drawn card was included explaining the process.

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    Oh how I adore the attention to detail. You slide out the small drawer and are met with more lovely ephemera, this time describing the scents you're about to sample.

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    From the company website:  "Niche perfume is hard to find. It values creativity and originality over trendiness. It explores what lives on the margins of beauty. If the perfumes we wear provide an olfactory narration of our lives and the things we love, niche perfumes—with all of their contrasts and complexities—have the power to say richer, deeper things about our lives and experiences. "

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What do you think? Would you try Olfactif? I’m officially in, so I’ll keep you posted as I discover new fragrances.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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