OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps: Foolproof Nail Art That Lasts

I’ve dug into the world of nail wraps lately, and I’ve dug deep. I’ve tried brand after brand, quickly taking a liking to the no-mess, no-smudge, no-skin-cancer-of-the-hand method of perfect at-home manicures that last and last without smudging, smearing, or dry time.

I’ve found in my journeys that sometimes you have to be willing to sacrifice smoothness or ease-of-application to get the out-of-this-world color or pattern that your favorite nail wrap has suddenly made available to you, but with OPI’s Pure Laquer Nail Apps, that is not the case at all. These are incredibly easy to apply, shape, and trim, and they wear like you made a deal with the devil.

Not to mention the plethora of colors and patterns available from $5.49 – $12.99 for a sheet of 16 ... I think I’m in love.

  • My Manicure Of The Moment: Girly Glam 1 of 11

    Glittery, polkadotty, and all kinds of shiny fun, I couldn't be happier with this pair of nail apps I picked up for just $6.99 on sale! 

    Available HERE, $6.99

  • Rattlesnake 2 of 11

    So fierce. Definitely my next pair.

    On sale HERE for $5.99

  • Reptile 3 of 11

    OPI's Reptile offers a stunning twist on snakeskin.

    On sale HERE for $5.49

  • Peacock 4 of 11

    Bright and cheery, I love this peacock pattern. 

    Also on sale HERE for $5.49

  • Geometric Sparkle 5 of 11

    It's like vertigo for your fingertips. 

    On sale HERE for $5.50

  • Gold Lace 6 of 11

    So sexy. Rowr. 

    Available HERE for $15.99

  • Metallic Waves 7 of 11

    Trip yourself out with metallic waves.

    On sale HERE for $7.99

  • Parisian 8 of 11

    Pretty lace for a pretty lady.

    On sale HERE for $7.99

  • Nice Tux 9 of 11

    Try doing that with a brush. 

    On sale HERE for $5.99

  • Floral 10 of 11

    A bouquet at your fingertips.

    On sale HERE for $5.99

  • So many to try. 11 of 11

    I think I can manage it though.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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