Perfumed Jewelry: Kitschy or Cool?

Fifteen years ago, Renee Van Veen looked into her mother’s jewelry box and found a scented handkerchief that had perfumed all of the jewelry within the box. While the scent didn’t last, she thought, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to put perfume and jewelry together?” And so she began Perfumed Jewelry, combining pretty filigree pendants on simple chains with a signature scented stone enclosed.

I’ll have to be honest: At first glance, I thought the idea of perfumed jewelry was a bit kitschy, but after browsing the site a bit, I fell in love. With up to 200 known perfumed scents and design combinations available, you can choose the perfect perfume and pendant to suit your mood, style, or occasion. I LOVE the sweet and serendipitous names that kind of tell a story about the wearer, and I think they would make the perfect gift for so many women in our lives. Browse the designs below!

  • Perfumed Jewelry 1 of 6

    Each purchase includes your chosen pendant with necklace and three scent-infused JewelStones packaged in a beautiful storage jar. Each stone lasts for 28 days.


    Read more at THE SECRET BEHIND THE STONE and watch a video review here


    * Refill includes choice of 2 x Jewelstoneâ„¢ jars

    * Choose 2 different fragrances or both the same.

    * Refills can be purchased separately.

    * Deliver worldwide from Australia


    Buy Scented Refills, $50

  • Harmony Necklace 2 of 6

    So perfect for those seeking balance in their lives. I would love to receive this as a gift with my favorite vanilla scent suspended within and in a moment when feeling a bit off, reach down for it as a reminder to breathe it all in.


    Silver Harmony JewelStone Necklace, $140

    Gold Harmony JewelStone Necklace, $210

  • Passion Heart-Shaped Necklace 3 of 6

    Not only a perfect gift from a lover to another, maybe it could also have meaning to all things one feels passionate about in life.


    Silver Passion JewelStone Necklace, $140

  • Enchanted Necklaces 4 of 6

    I love the word Enchanted. It reminds me of all the fairy tales and a magical life.


    Silver Enchanted JewelStone Necklace, $140

    Gold Enchanted JewelStone Necklace, $210

  • Tranquility Necklace 5 of 6

    The teardrop shape of this Tranquility pendant may be my favorite, and another reminder to be mindful.


    Silver Tranquility JewelStone Necklace, $140

  • Mystic and Eternity Necklaces 6 of 6

    Like Enchanted, Mystic and Eternity lend themselves to a magical feeling and maybe from another perspective, to trust in all the universe.


    Silver Mystic JewelStone Necklace, $140

    Silver Eternity JewelStone Necklace, $140

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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