Periwinkle Hair + Make Up Tutorial: Dressing Up As Tinker Bell’s Sister

Since my sis-in-law did a killer Tinker Bell hair and makeup tutorial that my daughter just about flipped her lid over (her aunt in full Tinkerbell dress?! What could be better?!), I was inspired to do my own grown-up costume beauty tutorial devoted to the newest addition to the Disney Fairies gang, Tink’s long-lost sister Periwinkle!

I think this is about the silliest thing I’ve ever done online (I’m not challenging you to prove me wrong). I mean, I felt crazy silly doing this, but it was also so much fun to play dress up in a way that I so rarely get to, and my daughter thought it was the greatest to see me running around in fairy wings and glitter makeup. I highly recommend it.

For me, Peri wasn’t much of a stretch. The biggest challenge was getting my lavender hair light enough to represent her white coiffure. That’s kind of the beauty of the Disney Fairies though, isn’t it? There’s one that’s suited to every look.¬†Anyway, I’m embarrassed. Enjoy.

  • Here We Go! 1 of 12

    Last year, I had the opportunity to take a quick master drawing class with Ritsuko Notani, the Disney artist who created Periwinkle, and she stressed the importance of Peri's Ken Paves' styled hair being inspired by the "frost flower," a puffy, whispy icicle. I combed a heck of a lot of baby powder into my hair to try and do justice to that frosty look.

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  • Tools 3 of 12

    My Pixi Palette had all the shimmery colors I could have hoped for, and my Mac Shimmer was the perfect accent.

  • Powder Galore 4 of 12

    I used light powder on my face, and then dusted my hair using baby powder and a blush brush to give it Peri's white hue.

  • Shimmer 5 of 12

    Peri's a winter fairy, so I imagine her to be all shimmery and sparkly up close. I went for silver glitter eyeliner, and then smeared it over my lids as well.

  • Eye Lines 6 of 12

    Fun fact: Shimmer eyeliner draws attention away from dark circles and makes you look younger. I've heard.

  • The Eyes Have It 7 of 12

    I used heavy liner and mascara to mimic the dark line around Peri's wide eyes.

  • Pixi for a Pixie 8 of 12

    I love this palette from Target.

  • Blushing 9 of 12

    At this point, I was way sparklier than you can tell in these pictures...

  • Frosty Lips 10 of 12

    I went for a tinted chapstick, Soft Lips Shimmer, and it was just the ticket.

  • All Frosted Up 11 of 12

    The frosty lips were the final touch before grabbing my daughter's biggest pair of wings. She was very concerned they wouldn't fit her when I was done.

  • Finished Product 12 of 12

    There it is! Your Periwinkle tutorial!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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