Pro Tips: A Lesson in Bright Eyes at the Makeup Counter

Bright eyes are everywhere this spring, and since I’m still learning new things about makeup every day, I had no idea how to pull off such a concept without looking like I was dancing at the Queen Mary (not the boat). So, I decided to enlist a professional. I hit up the makeup counter at Sephora and asked for a little help navigating this latest trend. “Whatever you’ve wanted to try” I told Andria, the makeup artist kind enough to help me. She lit up — “most people just want black and gray” she whispered as she led me to a free chair.


I rarely get my makeup done, but as I sat with Andria I remembered that having your makeup done is a kind of intimate experience. I decided that rather than fill her in on details of my daughter’s latest Pre-k project or how I’m pretty sure I broke my toe on some cracked cement this morning, I’d take our time together to try and learn a thing or two.

Thus the idea for this series, Pro Tips: Where I Get My Makeup Done at a Different Makeup Counter Every Week and See What I Learn. (Don’t worry, I’m respectful of the artist’s time, I’m going to buy stuff too. One product per session as I grow my skill set. It’s totally a write-off.)

That’s me sans makeup before we got started. I’m not wearing a smock, I swear that coat is actually cute in real life.

Ahem. Anyway. Since Sephora had their Radiant Orchid collection (Pantone’s Color of 2014, obv)front and center when I walked into the store and it caught my eye, Andria and I decided to create a look from that.


The shimmery gold (which looks yellow here — second from bottom left in the center quad) and the shimmery orchid (just below it) called out to us, and we were off and running. Andria was super game both to try a new look on me and answer every question I had while she was doing it. I learned at least three different new pieces of information during our 20 minute session. (I know, right!? — I mean, I’ve admitted before I’m not makeup Albert Einstein, but still! That’s a lot!)

Things started off crazy, but I was ready for anything, and Andria had the look of confidence.

PRO TIP ONE: “Avoid pastels or any combinations that are too light,” she told me, “it will make your eyes look smaller. It seems weird, but to add size you need depth and that comes from a darker accent shade.”

“Contouring?” I asked her — “contouring.” she confirmed. Is there nothing contouring can’t do?


I did not go two rounds with Rocky, and Andria was not even a little worried during the phase that I looked like this. Enter Pro-Tip two.

PRO-TIP TWO: Andria used primer, rather than remover to get the excess makeup off because she said as opposed to remover (or wipes), which can leave a residue, the primer smoothed the excess right off, and left the skin ready to receive more makeup if necessary. Very interesting.

Andria was right, I cleaned right up, and the result was a really fun technicolor look I never would have come up with on my own!


And Pro-Tip Three! My eyes were watering like crazy, and Andria told me that pink pigments can make eyes extra sensitive. Turns out it’s probably because of that that devilish red dye we hear so much about, so if you have sensitive eyes like me, maybe stay away from the high pigment pinks and purples. The more you know …

Also, did you know that eyebrow wax pencil is a thing to keep unruly hairs in place? I had no idea until I asked Andria what she was using on me! And my product discovery of the day?


Tarte’s EmphasEYES Inner-Rim Brightener made my eyes pop in a way I could not believe. BAM! Bought it. You can too, for $19, HERE.

Other products discovered? Consider blinc’s Ultrathin Liquid Liner added to my list.

And for one last look, here’s me in the sunshine — Pantone face and all.

I don’t know … how would you pose for this picture? It’s awkward taking photos of yourself!

[Also, if there’s a trend or a look you guys would like to see me tackle in the coming weeks, let me know!]

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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