Proactiv Gets a Makeover

Sadly, acne is not just a teen problem.  Oh how I wish it were.  My skin has never been terrible, but it’s given me enough grief over the years I feel like I have plenty of room to complain!  I’ve tried it all.  From the cheap Neutrogena stuff, the expensive all organic stuff, topical prescriptions, Acutane and everything in between.  I’ve been using Proactiv for years and while I’ve had a few complaints it’s always done the job better than any other system I’ve tried.  You could say we have a good relationship.  When I found out Proactiv was launching a new paraben-free line I was pretty dang excited.  I bought it.  I tried it.  And now I’m reviewing it.


The new line claims to create a more radiant complexion thanks to rethinking the original three-step regimen.  For years I was always annoyed with the Proactiv cleanser because it doesn’t foam.  You have to remove your makeup with makeup remover and then scrub the cleanser onto your face.  I always felt like I still had makeup on my face and I just wanted a good foam… ya know?  Well the new and improved Proactiv+ cleanser actually foams.  Finally!  I love rubbing it into my skin because it still has those micro crystals which aid in exfoliating, but it’s softer and gentler on your skin.  I really love the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator because unlike the original Proactiv repairing treatment, it actually moisturizes.  It still has the acne-fighting ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide but they’ve now added kojic acid, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and bisabolol- serious skin hydrating and tone evening ingredients.  When I put the moisturizer on I feel like it’s actually helping my skin instead of drying it out.


So, was switching worth it?


Here it is.  The three step acne treatment that started it all.  You basically have your renewing cleanser which designed to quickly penetrate pores and start killing acne-causing bacteria.  The tiny exfoliating beads remove dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells.  The revitalizing toner helps remove impurities and has soothing botanical agents that gently balance your skin tone.  Then you’ve your repairing treatment.  This isn’t a moisturizer.  It’s feather-light and gets deep into your pores to fight acne.  We’re all familiar with the three step treatment right?  I mean Proactiv has been around forever!


  • It works.  My skin is clear and clean… for the most part!


  • The cleanser doesn’t foam leaving me to remove my makeup with makeup remover
  • The repairing treatment isn’t a moisturizer

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The new Proactiv!  Step one is the skin smoothing exfoliator.  It gently deep cleans pore-clogging impurities, exfoliates and kills acne causing bacteria.  It also foams making it a great daily cleanser to remove makeup and other pore-clogging substances.  Step two is the pore targeting treatment.  This uses a smart target technology which delivers medicine directly into the pores.  It minimizes dryness, irritation and redness while locking in moisture for a softer glow.  Step three is the complexion perfecting hydrator.  This nutrient rich hydrator address appearance of post-acne marks, visibly large pores, redness, dryness and excess oil.


  • Paraben-free
  • The cleanser is gentle and foams making makeup removal a dream
  • The perfecting hydrator actually moisturizes and brightens skin


  • It just doesn’t work

I noticed absolutely zero improvements and I had considerably more breakouts and more blackheads on my nose and chin.  I gave this system an entire 60 days to start working and I was very disappointed with the results.  Because Proactiv has a fabulous 60 day money back guarantee I would really recommend trying it out because of how enjoyable it is to use.  It smells better, it feels better and I love that it’s hydrating.  Unfortunately for me, it just didn’t work.  If you’re a Proactiv lover definitely give it a try.

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All information was found at Proactiv.com and Proactivplus.com

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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