5-Minute Hairstyles and Tips to Live by for the Busy Mom

As a mother of two, I get totally get it — who has the time to spend an hour getting ready?  Heck, I can’t even pee by myself anymore, let alone primp for an hour in front of the mirror.  Over the last four years I’ve learned some tricks to speed up my routine — survival mode-style.  When you have kids you’ll understand the craziness that is the mornings. But hey, even if you don’t have kids, these styles and tips are still totally relevant.

Here are some tips to start with before you get started with these styles:

  1. Shower at night.  Showering at night has literally SAVED my bacon.  I remember Mitt Romney’s wife told the world she got her four boys to church on time in the mornings by bathing them at night and having them sleep in their Sunday best! Hahaha, it made me laugh.  Occasionally I’ll sleep in my workout clothes… that counts as being awesome, right?!
  2. Don’t wash your hair everyday. Just don’t do it. Not only is this a survival mode necessity, but it’s actually extremely healthy for your hair.  It’ll save you time , it’ll save you money, it’ll save you product, it’ll save your life. Yeah, I said it. Quit washing your hair. And if you need more advice on this one, check out the article I wrote all about it here. If you’re having trouble coping to this strategy, invest in dry shampoo!
  3. Learn to French braid. Hop over here right this red hot second and learn how to French braid. Braids add so much texture to even a simple ponytail that it’ll fool all those carpool moms into thinking that you’re like, the most awesome mom ever who actually wakes up early and gets ready. Again, learn to French braid.

Those are just some quick tips I’ve found to be super helpful — the other ways to save time come along with the styles. If you’re showering at night and not washing your hair in the morning, you have a good five minutes to spend on just your hair. So here we go, are you ready?!

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  • Fancy Half-Up 2 of 17

    This style is held together by just two bobby pins. Make sure you're getting the nice bobby pins from Sally's; grocery store bobby pins are terrible, so don't waste your money. Bad bobby pins will make you want to rip out your hair in the mornings because they'll either keep folding on you just as you're about to push them in, or they won't grab the hair you need ... and your style will immediately fall out.  This hairstyle came from my 30 dos in the 30 days segment I did awhile back on my blog. With this style I've simply taken the very top layers of hair, folded the left side over the right side, and pinned horizontally.  


    Full video post here: Twist Me Pretty

  • Formal Ponytail 3 of 17

    This uses the same technique as the previous hairstyle just before  ... only instead of stopping at one layer, I've continued pinning down. It creates a really pretty spine of bobby pins. This style is great to do with leftover curls.


    Full video post here: Twist Me Pretty

  • The Perfect Messy Bun 4 of 17

    This is the fastest style of them all! You're going to take an elastic band and put it over your non-dominant hand's wrist. Pull your hair through once, and on the second time through, only bring it half way through the elastic. Use your non-dominant hand to reach under and grab all the hair. With your dominant hand, you'll grab the elastic and pull it over the newly-formed bun. Pin any stragglers back with bobby pins.


    Full video post here: Twist Me Pretty

  • Braided Bun 5 of 17

    This is a great style because it's just a tiny bit more intricate than the simple messy bun. You're going to just French braid down your hair line and tie into a messy bun. Once you get the hang of the French braid, this will be easy as done and done!  


    Full video post here: Twist Me Pretty 

  • French Braided Top Knot 6 of 17

    Annnd another twist on the French braid! Braid it up and tie off in a high top knot.   If you want a regular French braid, just braid under the middle piece instead of over.


    View the video tutorial here: Twist Me Pretty  (*keep in mind the video is for a Dutch braid).

  • Messy Buns 7 of 17

    This hairstyle is so fun and so incredibly easy: it's three messy buns in a row.  


    View the video tutorial here: Twist Me Pretty 

  • Braided Crown 8 of 17

    Has everyone not seen this hairstyle floating around yet?  This hairstyle was published on my site almost two years ago!  It's becoming so popular and I'm so happy that everyone is learning how to do it, because it's incredibly easy and fast. Note: this style works best on second day hair!  


    View the video tutorial here: Twist Me Pretty

  • The Perfect Ponytail 9 of 17

    Ahhh, yes ... The Perfect Ponytail. I'm thinking this one needs an entire post because it's so amazing. 


    View the video tutorial here: Twist Me Pretty

  • Braided Ponytail 10 of 17

    This one is just like the braided crown only you're going to pull the rest into a ponytail. I like to do this style when I've worn the braided crown the day before. That way I can just sleep in the braids, and in the morning the braids will be a little messy -- just pin them up and no one will know the difference.  


    View the video tutorial here: Twist Me Pretty 

  • Bohemian Twist 11 of 17

    Ahhh this style is so easy. If you can't French braid, I would start here. Fine with either messy or clean hair, this is a great style that will give you extra volume. You're basically going to start with two sections up top and wist them up. Add more hair to both sections and twist up. Continue "French" twisting until about your temple, then just twist down the remainder of hair and tie off with a clear elastic. The twist is going to unravel a bit, so you're going to secure it with a bobby pin right at the temple -- where you started your regular twist. Finally, pull out on the strands to give then more volume.


    View the video tutorial here: Twist Me Pretty 

  • Alternative Braid 12 of 17

    This one is my most favorite hairstyle. If you ready my articles, you've seen it before. Somehow it manages to find its way into every post!

    View the video tutorial here: Twist Me Pretty 

  • French Braided Headband 13 of 17

    This is an easy style and a great one for leftover curls. You're just going to section off the hair you want in your headband and get braiding!


    View the video tutorial here: Twist Me Pretty 

  • Hair Bow 14 of 17

    What mom doesn't want to harness their inner Lady Gaga?!  Haha but seriously, this is such a fun and flirty style. You're going to put your hair up in a high bun, split it in two and wrap the tails up and around, and secure with pins.  


    Video tutorial here: Twist Me Pretty 

  • Jasmine Ponytail 15 of 17

    Uhh ... duh!  I love this hairstyle; it's so fun and literally takes five seconds.  The key is to tease the hair before tying off the sections and to tug and pull on the hair in between the elastic bands to make the hair look fuller!  


    View tutorial here: Twist Me Pretty

  • Blair Waldorf Ponytail 16 of 17

    Remember Gossip Girl? I was obsessed. Blair styles her hair like this in one of the episodes. 


    Video tutorial here: Twist Me Pretty

  • The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook 17 of 17

    If you're looking for an awesome Christmas gift, make sure to check out The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook: Everyday Hairstyles for the Everyday Girl.  It's the number one hairstyle book on Amazon and has over 40 hairstyles each with step-by-step pictures. You definitely need it for your bathroom!!!  

If you were inspired by any of these styles make sure to follow me on instagram @twistmepretty and I’d love for you to mention me in your selfie!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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