Quick Tricks to Make Your Eyes Appear Larger

Rev1I’m all about playing up the eyes. I wasn’t given the largest eyes, nor the longest lashes, but I do everything I can to pump them up and make them look larger.

I’ve gathered several tips throughout the years from makeup artists or magazines that have taught me how to make my eyes appear larger. Some pay off dramatically, while others are a little bit more subtle. But either way, they will help you accent your peepers.

1. Practice applying your eyeliner more heavily on the outer corners than the inner corners. You want to draw the line thicker closer to the outside of your eyelid. This will prevent your eyes from looking heavy and closed.

2. Find a lighter eyeshadow to dust into the inner corners of your lids. This will draw lightness toward them and make your eyelids appear a bit rounder and larger.

3. Use a nude colored eyeliner and rim the inner lashline of both your upper and lower lashes. The lightness in the liner will mimic the lightness of your eyeball, therefore making your eyes appear more open!

4. Invest in a great eyelash curler. This is the tool that will give you the most dramatic difference!

5. Choose a dark mascara and give your lashes a few coats of it. The more accented the lashes, the larger your eyes will look.

Doing all of these things will surely make your eyes appear much, much larger. On a daily basis, I concentrate my liner on the outer part of my lashline and use a lash curler excessively. I save the other tricks for when I have a little bit more time to get ready, or want to change up my “typical” eye makeup look.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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