Retro Glam Curls Tutorial

I am completely in love with old Hollywood Hair.  These retro curls are popping up all over the place and it’s about time you know how to style the look.  There are many different techniques to achieve this hairstyle but I’ve found this technique to be the easiest because you should have everything you need already in your bathroom.  You will need some good heat protectant, a 1″ curling wand or 1.5″ curling iron, duck bill clips or some pins to allow the curls to set, a teasing comb, a brush and some flexible hairspray.

The key to this hairstyle is to curl the hair towards your face and you want the curls to be right next to the other because at the end we’ll be brushing through all the curls and we want them to have the same pattern so it makes those gorgeous, soft waves.

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    You will need a curling wand or iron, duck bill clips, and some hairspray. Make sure to tease your roots and use a heat serum!  

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    You're first going to start by sectioning off your hair. I divide mine into three or four horizontal sections: one under the ears, one just above the ears, one at the temple, and then the top. Take one-inch sections, like demonstrated in the picture above.

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    Next you're going to take your 1" curling wand. You can use a regular curling iron as well, but just make sure to open up the clamp and wrap the hair around just the barrel. The difference between these retro curls and regular curls is you'll be wrapping the hair TOWARD your face instead of away. Wrap toward!

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    Lift the wand and release the curl. You're going to cup the curl in your hand and let it set.

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    Use a duck bill clip to secure the curl to your head.

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    Release all the duck bill clips. You're going to have super bouncy hair!

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    Take a brush and simply brush through the curls.

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    Twirl the curls together and spray with finishing hairspray.

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