Review: Osmia Detox Exfoliating Mask

Stress, hormones, pollution … something is working against me lately, and my skin is seeing the ill effects. Time to pull out my Osmia detox exfoliating mask! This deep cleansing mask contains three types of clay along with detoxifying activated bamboo charcoal to remove impurities from your skin. Manuka honey and raw cacao soften and nourish skin while the natural caffeine in the cacoa tones and lifts.

This unique mask made from organic and natural ingredients comes in a powdered form with a small ceramic bowl and spatula for mixing and applying. The packaging is really charming and the recycled crinkle paper is way too pretty to not save and reuse.

To create the mask, simply mix 2 teaspoons of powder with 1.5 teaspoons of water. Apply the mask to your face and neck, leave on for 10-20 minutes then rinse off in the shower. The finely ground walnut shells and olive leaf powder gently scrub skin to remove dead skin cells. Be sure to use your fingertips and light pressure to remove the mask, rubbing in a circular motion. You can remove this mask in your sink, but it’s pretty messy, so a shower is advised.

This mask leaves my face feeling clean and soft, and my skin looks visibly tighter. The barely there natural scent is subtle and pleasant. The mask is great for all skin types and would be an excellent choice for anyone who prefers more natural, social-conscious beauty products without losing efficacy.

Osmia Detox Exfoliating Mask is available at Osmia. $50




Article Posted 5 years Ago

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