Rockability Roll: A Pin-Up Hair Tutorial

I believe this is one of the prettiest pin-up looks. While it’s totally vintage, there’s a modern feel to it.  This hairstyle is very flattering as the height from the roll really brightens up your face.  A great go-to pin-up girl tutorial for Halloween!  For this look I used a 1″ wand for the curls, a rat tail comb, some really good hairspray and a couple of bobby pins.  It’s important to finish off the look with a silk scarf or large flower.  It really refines the look and makes it that much more vintage.

For Halloween, I would wear a vintage, high waisted tea length dress and some sexy heels!

  • Rockability Roll 1 of 17
  • Start with Retro Glam Curls 2 of 17

    The tutorial for these beautiful waves are here.

  • Step 1 3 of 17

    Give yourself a deep part, and leaving out a large section on top, tie your hair up into a ponytail.

  • Step 2 4 of 17

    Don't be shy! We are going to tease that section. When you think you've teased enough ... tease some more!

  • Step 3 5 of 17

    Smooth out the snarls and gently bring your bangs to the opposite side you want your roll. So my roll curls in towards my face. I'm bringing this section of hair away from my face to prepare for the roll. 

  • Step 4 6 of 17

    Start rolling.

  • Step 5 7 of 17

    Roll until you have a nice little swirl goin' on.

  • Step 6 8 of 17

    Pinch the roll with two fingers and insert a few bobby pins to hold in place.

  • Step 7 9 of 17

    Can you see where I inserted mine? They should be discrete.

  • Step 8 10 of 17

    Next, take a small section from the side of your hair and tease. And tease...

  • Step 9 11 of 17

    You're going to do a tiny little victory roll here. I needed my other hand to pull the trigger on the camera, so I'm sorry if this is a little confusing. You're going to take your hair and wrap it in front of and around your thumb.

  • Step 10 12 of 17

    Then push your thumb to your head and let the roll fall off the thumb. Gently pinch the roll and pin into place.

  • Now to get this vintage updo 13 of 17

    Cute, right?!  

  • Step 11 14 of 17

    Pull your hair up with one hand.

  • Step 12 15 of 17

    Glide your hands down the hair and make a roll, rolling with your two hands up towards your head.

  • Step 13 16 of 17

    Secure with a couple large bobby pins. To finish off, grab a silk scarf and hide those holes!

  • Don’t forget these! 17 of 17

    Don't forget these other looks!! Find the Victory Roll Pin-Up Tutorial here.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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