Save or Splurge: Highlighters

Highlighters.  There are so many highlighters to choose from.  Expensive products that are totally worth the splurge and then their money saving counterparts that sometimes work just as well.  Today I’m giving you my honest review for the two most popular highlighters on the market.

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    So the cheap Maybelline highlighter is on the left and the expensive Yves Saint Laurent highlighter is on the right.  What do you notice about these highlighters?

    SAVE: The Maybelline highlighter has more pigment, it almost felt like a concealer.  I felt like it covered my skin better and the color was brighter.  I felt like it was noticeably highlighting.  I also loved how smoothly it went on and I didn't have to twist the pen a million times to get out the product I needed.  

    SPLURGE:  The Yves Saint Laurent highlighter went on very opaque.  I was so excited to use this highlighter because most reviews are amazing and everyone says they just can't live without it.  Well I felt like it didn't do anything for my skin.  It didn't add any glow, it didn't highlight and if it did it wasn't so noticeable that I'd spend $40 for it.  I also felt like it was a little oily.  My skin was more shiny than usual.  

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    If you're wondering what that crazy sponge is check out my review here.  It's amazing and basically you need one.

    After I blended the highlighters I took an after photo.  Honestly you couldn't really tell a difference on either side that I'd used any product at all.  I did feel like the Maybelline highlighter concealed more and brightened my face but you couldn't see it in the picture.  I was very disappointed with the Yves Saint Laurent highlighter.  Such a waste of money.  It did absolutely nothing for my skin.



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    So there ya have it.  In this case it's best to save your money and get the cheap knock off.  Not only does it work but it works better than it's more expensive counterpart.

    You can buy it on Amazon for $6.50 here >>> Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer 

Do you use either of these products?  I’d love to know what you think about them!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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