Say “Bye Bye” to Puffy Eyes Using Items in Your Kitchen Right Now!

Puffy eyes show up for numerous reasons: allergies, lack of sleep, our not-so-great diets, and more! Whatever the reason, don’t let it ruin your day find your quick fix right in your kitchen!


More quick fixes!

1- Consume less salt; when your body has too much salt, it retains water, and water retention can happen under your eyes (or your gut)!

2- I like to keep a gel mask in my freezer for emergency puffiness. Take it out, pop it on, relax, and viola! Bye Bye puffy eyes! (Also great for mommy headaches!)

3- Another trick I heard of was grated potatoes. I haven’t tried it yet, but the starch in potatoes has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in irritation. Peel a small potato and grate it then wrap it in a cloth; lay back and relax for 15 minutes with the cloth on your eyes.

4- Cucumbers are an oldie but goodie! I love the feeling of cold cucumbers on my eyes. I feel this is my favorite of all: the feeling is soothing, the scent is soft and the results are always satisfying.

If you have any tricks for puffy eyes please share them with us! 

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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