4 Semi-Permanent Solutions for Looking Your Best at All Times

It’s August, friends. August in the desert heat of Los Angeles, August in the humid plains of Texas, and August in the sweltering heat box that is New York City, Chicago, New Orleans … fill in the blank! Greeting the day with a full face of makeup for me means a lunchtime hour of wiping melted mascara from underneath my eyelids, powdering down the glean from my consistently sweating brow, and lipstick — HA! These colors may not run, but they sure do bleed into all those annoying little cracks that Valley sun loves to expose.

Rather than looking like a half-melted sea urchin (or like the Wicked Witch of the West after touching water), I prefer to beat the summer heat at its own game by taking away the maintenance element (or at least drastically reducing it!). 100 degrees heat waves be damned! These luscious lashes don’t even bat an eye. (If you’re in the Valley, my personal fave is Tess at SKiN Body Lounge.)


Brazilian Blowout:

If you live in a humid place and you’re human, you most likely are not a stranger to frizzy hair. Between pixie cuts and swapping out hair dye, I haven’t yet committed to the Brazilian Blowout, but I imagine it would mean my hair would like this all the time.


And after enough mornings like this, it may be worth the appointment.


Nail Wraps

Are you looking for a manicure that won’t chip as you quickly and carelessly open your door handle and mishandle your seat belt so as not to get burned? I’ve been down that road before and ruined two-day old manicures while simultaneously looking like Dante’s Inferno is taking place on the pleather chair of my driver’s seat. If I’m not ruining my nails while struggling to get into my  hot car, they’re being ruined at the pool, the beach, you name it! For summer time, I prefer nail wraps. Especially these metallic gold ones:


A Good (Fake) Tan:

If you’re ghostly white like me, tanning is just stupid. I would say my resting tan is a cross between ivory white with hopeful golden undertones, or as the Skin Cancer Foundation would classify me: Type II. A good solid tan for me lies in a bottle.

Bikini Wax:

But the real kicker for summer is the dreaded impromptu invite to a pool party when, let’s say, it’s been a long time since the Netherlands has been treated to some maintenance. Seriously, ladies, when it comes to anything hair removal-esque — Lifebooker is your best friend. Wax it or delete it, Lifebooker (or Groupon) has awesome deals for bikini waxes and hair removal packages are a dime a dozen here. However, I think they usually suggest not starting hair removal during the summer months when you typically have a lot of sun exposure. Yay to semi-permanent solutions!



Still sweating from the summer? What beauty techniques do you use to beat the heat?

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