Six Ways to Treat and Prevent Damaged Hair

With summer in full force it only seems appropriate that today we chat about ways to treat and prevent breakage.  We are all doing the best we can with the knowledge we have and my goal today is helping you identify those areas of your routine that could use a little love!  The difference between your dull, angry hair and the thick, shiny hair we see plastering the front cover of magazines are just a few simple practices that everyone can do from home.

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  • STOP washing your hair! 2 of 7

    Do not wash your hair everyday. I'm so serious. Don't do it! When you wash your hair you are stripping it of its natural oils that are hydrating and crazy good at strengthening your hair. You're also washing out color if you've had a dye job. If you're an everyday washer, try going one more day without washing. Give your body a couple of weeks to get used to it. Make sure to use dry shampoo to fend off the grease and try styling it up in a pony to get it outta your face, or even a hair wrap to cover it up. Eventually your hair will start producing less oil. Really you've just got to train your hair—you're the boss!

  • Avoid Heat 3 of 7

    Cut back on styling with heat. This one's an easy one to accomplish if you're not washing your hair every day. Check out this post here for more info on not washing frequently!  Find some good go-to hairstyles and instead of curling your hair everyday, try a new fresh braid or give it a great beach texture with a good texturizing spray. I like to wear my hair straight the first couple of days after washing and then I like to curl it and let those curls dictate my styles for the next couple of days. Sometimes I wake up and my hair looks fabulous in those second day curls. Other times it's a crazy mess. Messy buns, ponytails, braids: use the messy curl texture to get you some fabulous hairstyles you couldn't achieve with straight, clean hair. When you cut back on styling with heat, it's going to save your ends. (For a fabulous style gallery, check out the styles from Twist Me Pretty here

  • Use a heat serum or styling spray 4 of 7

    My go-to heat serum is Bumble and Bumble's Invisible Oil. The stuff is amazing and will not only control the frizz and tame those crazy fly-a-ways, but it will protect the hair shaft from heat. A heat serum is an absolute must if you're blow drying your hair and styling with straighteners or curling irons/wands. If you can't afford the expensive stuff, buy something at the grocery store. I find checking the reviews on Amazon to be super helpful. $38 | Invisible Oil

  • Get a Trim every 12-15 Weeks 5 of 7

    If you're trying to grow out your hair, there's no need to trim it every six weeks like the stylists recommend. Every 12-15 weeks will allow your hair to grow and you'll be able to catch those ends before they break off. The problem with going longer than 15 weeks is your hair is susceptible to breakage. Those split ends really need to be cleaned up or they will continue splitting and you'll start feeling like your hair isn't growing. In all reality it's growing, it's just breaking off before it actually looks longer! Don't skip the trims and don't trim too often!

  • Deep Condition Weekly 6 of 7

    This is one of those things a lot of people forget to do. The time just passes and it never happens. Deep conditioning is a great way to put moisture back into the hair, strengthen elasticity, and help with the overall health of your hair and scalp. Make sure you're using a deep conditioner that contains ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, or avacodo oil. These three oils are the only oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft (and they're natural too!). Make sure to cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic bag and apply heat. I love what Amber did from Barefoot Blonde. She has stuck her blow dryer in her shoes in the sink and is just hanging out in her bathroom. Perfect way to apply heat and not have to hold your blow dryer forever! I like to apply heat for 30 minutes and then sleep in the stuff overnight. Make sure to rinse the conditioner out with warm water and then before getting out of the shower, run cold water over your hair to close the hair's cuticle.  Doing that will help the strands retain all their moisture.

  • Avoid Styling When Wet 7 of 7

    This one is harder to achieve in the summer because we spend a lot of the day at the beach and in the pool. Just remember that your hair is most vulnerable to breakage when wet. No tugging, pulling, or tight ponytails. To see a couple of my favorite wet hairstyles, check out this post here.


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