10 Skincare and Beauty Blogs Perfect for Women 40 and Up

I’m about to sound really vain, but I’ve been noticing signs of aging since about the age of 25. When I look back, I can clearly see how ridiculous I was being. However, I have been carefully monitoring this one line I have between my brows, and if you ask me, it’s the size of a crater. Ask anyone else? They don’t see it. Needless to say, when I look at beauty blogs, I’m searching for ways to make my skin look youthful without resorting to invasive measures. I want to age well, so as long as I can keep my skin glowing and hair shiny, I feel I’m ahead of the game. That’s more of a priority than makeup trends to me, because I feel that I actually don’t really look that good with a lot of makeup — I prefer to focus more on the quality and health of my skin. When it comes to makeup, I’m looking for great products that enhance my natural look — a classic a palette with a fresh take and how-tos for healthy skin. Through my searching, I’ve found several beauty and skincare blogs that deliver just that!

And just like my 15 Style Blogs for Fabulous Women 40 and Up post, if you’ve found a great pick that’s missing (preferably a blog that updates often), please leave the link in the comments section. I also thought I’d share that I’ve found an awesome online community called Timeless Beauty that addresses a lot skincare and beauty questions should you care to dig a little deeper! Without further ado, here’s my list for skincare and beauty blogs for 40+!


  • Prime Beauty 1 of 10

    Prime Beauty talks to the 40+ woman who's looking for skincare tips and products and a bit of makeup fun! They even have a Frugal Friday series for those who love a great drugstore makeup product. That's always a plus for me because you don't have to spend a lot of money to look great!

  • Fab Over Fifty 2 of 10

    Fab Over Over Fifty has a bit of everything -- this isn't only a beauty blog, although I love the beauty section. From lifestyle to beauty, you can find articles, discussions and tips! The best part about this blog is that you can read reviews from the readers who've tried the products. Just look for the text that says "Tested" to see what women are saying about these products.



  • Natural Beauty and Skincare 3 of 10

    Natural Beauty and Skincare is exactly what it says -- solutions for healthy skin the natural way. This site provides in-depth reviews and the latest information about products and beauty topics. Want to know how you can slow down the aging process? Want to age in style? This blog will show you how!




  • After 40 4 of 10

    From teeth-whitening to the benefits of a healthy sex life, After 40 has you covered! This blog's emphasis on wellness in conjunction with beauty has tips to help your eyes look refreshed and which foods are best for your skin. This blog focuses on beauty inside and out with lots of beauty tips that can be easily done at home.

  • Fab Over 40 5 of 10

    Fab Over 40 offers women insights into maintaining their beauty without feeling like they need to run out and get surgery. The site offers tons of step -by-step beauty tips, hair style how-tos, reviews and giveaways. I love the tips from professional makeup artists and designers like Aerin Lauder (Founder and Creative Director, AERIN; Style and Image Director, Estee Lauder)



  • Fabulously 40 & Beyond 6 of 10

    Fabulously 40 covers more than beauty. It's an all-encompassing site with lots of articles and topics aimed at the 40+ woman. What makes its beauty section so special and helpful is that you can have real conversations with real women. Another stand-out factor is that the community on this site is extremely active! On the beauty portion of the site, you can lean on the community for makeup tricks and the do's and don'ts of beauty trends!


  • Beauty Info Zone 7 of 10

    If you love makeup, Beauty Info Zone is the perfect place for those who want to read about first hand experiences with products. The blog offers giveaways, reviews and curated beauty posts for those looking for shimmer finds or hot lip colors!

  • Pink Sith 8 of 10

    The Pink Sith is a fun blog with a unique look at the world of makeup, skincare, nail polish and beauty! The blog's creator, Elvira, brings her sense of humor and love for all things sci-fi into the content. Posts are updated often and include lots of great deals and in-depth product reviews for the savvy shopper.

  • No Nonsense Beauty Blog 9 of 10

    The No-Nonsense Beauty Blog is all about the science of anti-aging and beauty. Great articles and tips abound! They have an awesome Beauty Foods section that I love which talks about how what we eat can impact how we age directly. Want to age well? Try one of their beauty recipes. It starts from within! 

  • The Timeless Beauty 10 of 10

    If you'd like to ask questions and be part of a community with like-minded women, The Timeless Beauty is a great place to chat about makeup, skincare, or whatever is on your mind! The site is strictly beauty and is well-organized by topic.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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