Can Your Mind Really Affect the Quality of Your Skin?

Amy Wechsler is certified in both dermatology and psychology, giving her a unique perspective when it comes to beauty and skincare. She’s an expert in modern-day skin concerns and a skincare advisor for Chanel and is now sharing her unique skincare philosophy in a new video series at

Wechsler thinks of beauty from the inside and from the outside and states that happy people have more beautiful, even, radiant, and plumper skin that looks healthy — and that positive emotions are reflected on the surface. I agree. In fact, just last night I was having a bit of an infertility pity party, and this morning I woke up with uneven skin and more blemishes than I’ve seen in a while.

Sure, we’ve all heard stress causes our skin to break out, especially in our teens, but when I think of the words Mind/Body Connection used together, I generally focus on anxiety and stress as it relates to health and illness rather than beauty. But it all makes sense: if the mind has the power to affect our health, then it absolutely has power over our outward beauty as our inner life is reflected on our skin, face, and even our hair.

Amy says the most important thing to do for your skin is get 7-8 hours of sleep at night. When our internal clock is desynchronized from lack of sleep or even lack of a sleep pattern or ritual, the cells on our skin aren’t turning over like they should be to renew each day, which leads to aging at a faster rate than we should be. If only there were more hours in each day to sleep.

Watch the quick videos below for some insights on skincare from Wechsler.

The Mind/Body Connection Part I – CHANEL Skincare


The Mind/Body Connection Part II – CHANEL Skincare


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