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Much of my skincare concerns and routines come from my mother, who has always been very diligent about staying away from the sun. Living in sunny California, my son, who likes to be outside and spent much of his childhood playing sports, definitely needs to stay on top of his SPF game. He’s also 13 and developing acne. Therefore, along with making sure he protects his skin from the sun, he has to stick to a daily cleansing routine. A skincare routine for teen boys is not something you often see in commercials or ads, so it’s important that I teach him how to do these things by example.

It’s no secret that part of my job is connecting bloggers with brands, and that I get products. I assure you I will only talk about the ones I use, like Neutrogena. I’ve been using Neutrogena products since I was an artsy, comical teenager, who used to cut her bangs as a shield to cover her acne. My son can’t do the same tricks (hair, makeup, etc). And just because he’s a boy – it doesn’t mean he isn’t aware of his appearance. I say this because I feel many skincare lines are targeted to girls (and we all know how teenage boys are about stuff like that). What I like about Neutrogena’s Acne Stress Control Line is – not only is it effective – but the gender neutral packaging is really great. When I got the collection in the mail, I immediately gave it to my son and helped him develop a routine (of course, it comes with some nagging as well). He uses the cleanser daily, the scrub about once a week and his sunscreen every time he leaves the house. I also have one in the car should he forget. At night, I remind him to cleanse again and either use his cleansing pads or acne treatment. If we are lucky, he will wash his face mid-day! Either way, he’s making an effort and I think it’s good practice for him to learn the importance of caring for his skin. He sees the difference when he doesn’t stick to the routine, which reinforces him to care for his skin on his own without the mom-nagging.

If you have a tween who is already exhibiting signs of oily skin and acne, it’s important to guide them through this transition, and show them how to develop a routine. Being a teenager is hard and awkward enough. They also seem to forgot a lot too. Make sure their products are visible in the bathroom (near the sink and near the bath tub) and that your car has a bottle of sunscreen.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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