Eat Your Heart Out: The Perfect Valentines Day Nail Art Tutorial

I am a child of the ’80s; I love all the cute popular images that were so prevalent in that decade — stars, rainbows, and of course, hearts. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to wear these little icons on clothing, hair accessories, and nails. When it comes to nail décor, I usually think that less is more, so I’ve created a nail look that features a solo heart on only one nail per hand (you may decide to add more hearts, it’s entirely up to you). Once you learn the technique, you can create hearts or other shapes in any color you choose all year ‘round. It’s really quite easy to do, and adds a cute and fun element to your manicure.

Follow the steps below to create my sparkle heart nail art.

  • Sparkle Hearts Nail Art Tutorial 1 of 14
  • Gather Your Materials 2 of 14

    Here's what you'll need:

    Nail Polish Remover

    Cotton balls or pads

    Base coat (I used Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat)

    Hot Pink Nail Polish (I used Gwen Stefani for OPI in Hey Baby)

    Chrome Nail Polish (I used Gwen Stefani for OPI in Push and Shove Duet Set)

    Silver Glitter Polish (I used Gwen Stefani for OPI in In True Stefani Fashion)

    Heart Punch (I used Fiskars ¼" Heart Hand Punch)

    Painters tape

    Top coat (I used Essie No Chips Ahead)

  • Prep Nails 3 of 14

    I always start every manicure by filing my nails, pushing back, and removing cuticles, and applying a rich hand cream.

  • Clean Nail Bed 4 of 14

    Wipe off any oils or debris using a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover.

  • Base Coat 5 of 14

    Apply your regular base coat to all nails, except your ring fingers. On ring fingers, apply OPI Lay the Base that is included with the chrome polish, Push and Shove.

  • First Coat 6 of 14

    Apply your pink polish to your thumb, index, and middle fingers, chrome to your ring fingers, and glitter to your pinky's.

  • Second Coat 7 of 14

    Follow with a second coat of each, and wait for nails to be fully cured. This will take 2 to 3 hours minimum.

  • Clean Up 8 of 14

    Clean up around the edges using a small bit of cotton, wrapped around an orange wood stick, and dipped in nail polish remover.

  • Create Your Stencil 9 of 14

    Using a heart shaped hole punch (I got mine on Amazon) punch a heart into a small piece of painter's tape. If you don't have a heart punch, you can cut out your own by folding the tape in half and using a small pair of scissors to cut a half-heart shape along the fold. You ideally want your heart to be about ¼" wide and ¼" tall.


  • Place Stencil On Nails 10 of 14

    Apply the tape to your ring finger nails, being sure to center the heart. Smooth the tape down along the edges of your heart to prevent bleeding.

  • Paint the Hearts 11 of 14

    Using your pink polish, carefully apply 2 thin coats over each heart. It's best to work from the edges in toward the center of the heart to minimize bleeding.

  • Peel Off Tape 12 of 14

    Wait a few minutes so that the polish is tacky, but not fully dry. Carefully peel off the tape from the edges.

  • Top Coat 13 of 14

    Wait 15 to 20 minutes for your hearts to cure, and then apply a top coat to all of your nails.

  • Admire Your Work 14 of 14

    Enjoy your fun, festive nail art!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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