DIY Sparkling Half Moon Nails

Ever since the recent lunar eclipse and Earth Day, moons have been on my mind! I have been extra aware of the beauty that surrounds us on this incredible earth — specifically the ever-changing moon that never ceases to show its bright, beaming glory. It really is a work of art, that moon.

One thing I love about the moon is how it beautifully adds the perfect sparkly accessory to a dark night’s sky. It injects just the right amount of glimmer and gleam to a somewhat blank canvas. That extra dose of shimmering wonder is what inspired these fun, sparkling half moon nails! If you’re looking to add a little extra pizzazz to your typical everyday manicure, then follow along as I show you how to easily take your nails to the next level … moon style!

  • Pull out your glitter babes… 1 of 9

    It's time for some sparkle and shine! 

  • Getting started 2 of 9

    You will need:

    • 5 hole reinforcements 
    • A pair of scissors
    • A piece of paper 
    • Fine craft glitter
    • Your favorite spring polish (Pictured: Maybelline's 'Lust For Lilac' — I have been obsessed with this color lately!)
    • Top Coat
  • Step 1. Paint the base 3 of 9

    Start with clean, trimmed, and filed nails. Apply two coats of your base color — letting each coat dry completely.


    Tip: It is so so important that your final coat of polish is 110 percent dry since you will be applying a sticker to your nail — you don't want to mess up all the time you've spent painting and drying! 

  • Step 2. Prepare your nail form 4 of 9

    This step is easy as can be — simply cut your five hole reinforcements in half (creating 10 half-moons). 

  • Step 3. Apply forms to your liking 5 of 9

    Decide how thick or thin you want your half moons to be and apply the hole reinforcement stickers accordingly. If you want thicker moons, you will want to apply the sticker higher up on your nail. If you want thinner ones, apply the stickers much lower. Make sure the stickers are completely secure to your nails so you get a crisp edge!  

  • Step 4. Apply clear polish base 6 of 9

    Apply a thin layer of clear nail polish from the base of your nail all the way up to the form so the glitter has something to stick to! 


    Note: It's OK if you apply the clear polish slightly over the top of the form — in fact, it's actually better if you do that to assure everything under your half moon form is completely saturated. 

  • Step 5. Sprinkle on that glitter! 7 of 9

    Immediately after you have painted your sticky base, sprinkle the glitter over the top of your nails and gently pat the glitter in with your finger! Once each nail has been pat to perfection, flip your hands over and tap off the excess glitter. 


    Note: You will want to do this over a piece of paper so you can easily clean up and pour the remaining glitter into a bag to be re-used! 

  • Step 6. Carefully remove forms 8 of 9

    Slowly pull off the half moon forms and clean off any excess glitter.


    Tip: If the sticker form pulls a little polish off, you can easily go in with your chosen base color and touch it up!

  • Step 7. Top it off 9 of 9

    Top off your nails with your chosen base coat to lock in the glitter and reflect extra shine! Happy half mooning!

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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