Split Ends Could Be the Reason Your Hair Has ‘Stopped Growing’

A few years ago, I was devastated. Ok. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic. But my feelings were hurt when I thought my hair had stopped growing. I worked so hard to grow my hair. I even adopted a more healthy hair care regimen. I was sure that I would see longer, thicker hair. But when I saw the opposite I was left dumbfounded.

I know I’m not the only one. Does your hair grow to a certain point and stop?

Some blame it on their hair’s growth rate. This is understandable. Its easy to assume that your hair has ceased to grow or that something is stunting its growth.  But the truth is your hair is always growing. In most cases the hair grows at the same rate that it’s breaking due to split ends. This gives the appearance of stunted hair growth.   If you suffer from split ends you may want to read: 12 Steps To Treating & Preventing Split Ends.

Shab Aghajani, Roy Teeluck Salon stylists told Beauty High, “Some women try to hang on to as much length as possible by avoiding haircuts, and yet they gain no length. We all have a maximum length our hair can reach according to our current regime. This is where your ends simply begin to break instead of continue to remain strong and healthy. Until you change your existing habits and products used on your hair, nothing will change about your hair. Trim the split ends, use thermal protection and safe thermal tools, and use the right hair mask and treatment to nourish your hair, because clearly you’ve plateaued and nothing will change unless you make some changes yourself!”

I can’t speak for everyone but this was the reason I wasn’t seeing any hair growth. After getting a proper trim quarterly and taking extra care of the ends of my hair I saw a huge difference, almost 6 inches of growth in a year. Its all about retaining length.  You can read more of my story here.

You may still be unconvinced but I challenge you to get trims more regularly. I know it seems counterproductive but it will make a difference.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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