Splurge vs. Steal: Long-Lasting Lipstick Challenge

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I love wearing lipstick. I hate reapplying it. Well, it’s not so much that I hate it but that I tend to forget to actually do it. So, what I hate is forgetting to reapply my lipstick and walking around with a faded, often smudged, reddish ring around the outer edge of my lips. I wish I could blame this lack of attention to motherhood, but if I’m being honest, I’ve never been good at upkeep.

Sometime this past year (I told you my memory is lacking), I made an amazing discovery. While waiting for a prescription at the drugstore, I impulse bought a Wet n Wild Fergie Crème Lipstick. The color, Fuchianista, was the perfect shade of fuchsia for my skin tone but even better than that I found that this lipstick lasted a really long time without drying lips out!

Since then, I’ve been singing the praises of Wet n Wild’s long-lasting lip colors including both the Fergie Crème Lipstick and their MegaLast Lip Color. In fact, I’ve been saying that it is superior to department store brands. But the truth is I wasn’t sure if that was true since I didn’t have a comparable high-end version. A quick Google search for “best long-lasting lipstick” led me to Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick, which has stellar reviews and a similar shape. Would it last as long as my budget buy? I decided to find out.

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The Competitors

The Splurge: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick, $22

This department store beauty attributes its longevity to its Pigment Infusion SystemTM and nourishes lips with jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter. It is available in 23 shades, though 2 are only available on urbandecay.com. For this challenge, I tested a vibrant red with orange undertones called Bang.

The Steal: Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color, $1.99

Found in just about any drugstore or mass retailer, this budget-friendly buy adheres to lips with hyaluronic microspheres and smooths with natural marine plant extracts, CoQ10, and vitamins A and E. It is available in 26 shades including Red Velvet, the classic shade I chose for this challenge.

The Trials

To really put these lipsticks to the test, I chose vibrant red shades. If a brilliant hue like these can go the distance without looking cray cray, a neutral should fare even better. I wore each for a full eight-hour day and really put them to the test. I ate, drank, and kept up all my regular “busy mom” activities. To ensure a fair contest, I prepped my lips both days by exfoliating and moisturizing them with lip balm. After wiping away excess balm, I applied the lip color, blotted, and then applied it again.

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Day 1: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Bang

This product certainly feels more upscale in my hand. The metal tube feels sturdy but a bit heavy. The product feels creamy going on, and the color is crazy intense with lots of pigment. I’m not sure if it’s the texture or shape, but applying this lipstick took a few minutes and a couple cotton swabs for cleanup to get right.

Throughout the day, the color wore beautifully and never felt too dry. In fact, it felt a bit too creamy before I blotted a second time because my hair kept getting stuck on it. Check out the selfies I took throughout the day to see how it looks:

image source: Sonya benham | babble
image source: Sonya benham

And a side-by-side shot taken after eight hours of wear:

image source: sonya benham
image source: sonya benham

Not bad, huh?

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Day 2: Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Red Velvet

The plastic packaging certainly feels less fancy but also less wasteful. I do wish the product would twist all the way down because after one use, I already have lipstick on the cap. Also, the cap pops off a little too easily when thrown in the wild mess of my purse.

This product is not as creamy as the Urban Decay offering; the texture is more velvety and the appearance is more matte. I find this lipstick much easier to apply — a few swipes and I’m done. MegaLast is definitely highly pigmented and I’m happy with the brilliant red shade.

This lip color felt a bit dry toward the end of the day but the tint lasted the full eight hours. Around 3 PM, I did notice a bit of feathering at the corners of my mouth, which did not reoccur after I blotted a second time. Here’s how it looked throughout the day, again with my selfie pics:

image source: Sonya benham | babble
image source: Sonya benham

And the before and after:

image source: sonya benham
image source: sonya benham

Not too shabby, either.

The Conclusion

This is a tough one. Both products performed extremely well and lasted a full eight hours. Both transferred onto everything, including glasses, silverware, and napkins. The color faded over time with both lip colors but didn’t appear too bad for the wear. My application flaw with both was neglecting a second blot. I hoped the top layer would improve the longevity but only made Revolution feel too sticky and caused MegaLast to bleed.

If you prefer a creamier lip color or appreciate more upscale packaging, Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick might be the best long-lasting option for you. In my humble opinion, however, the differences aren’t drastic enough for me to justify the price difference. Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color is a fantastic value and I love how easy it is to apply. Just make sure you put it in a makeup bag before it goes in your purse or your lips aren’t the only thing it will stain!

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