Super Simple 3-Minute Date Night Eye Makeup

Full disclosure: eye makeup is kind of not my thing. I mean…I like it, but usually end up looking like I got punched in the eye. Not cute. That said, I was sent some pretty new Urban Decay eye shadows and liners to try out, so I decided to get brave and try a smoky-ish eye for date night with my husband and I rather like the end result. It’s not pro status or anything, but then again, that makes it pretty perfect for those of you who are just venturing out into the wonderful world of eye makeup like myself. This is date night eye makeup that is totally doable for even a novice! I should’ve titled this “Date Night Eyes For Dummies”, because it’s seriously that easy – basically like Pre-K finger painting on your face. You’ve got this ladies.

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    Super Simple 3-Minute Date Night Eye Makeup
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    Super Simple 3-Minute Date Night Eye Makeup

    The eye shadows I'll be using in this tutorial are Urban Decay in "Laced" and "Desperation". These go on super well and I like that they are really pigmented and have a matte finish, because a smoky eye can already be "a lot of look", so if you add shimmer into the mix it can go bad really quickly. These are great!

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    Super Simple 3-Minute Date Night Eye Makeup

    So, I actually do have some makeup on my eye already, because I did my everyday makeup tutorial before I took the photos for my date night eye. So basically what you see here is a swipe of shimmery gold eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner. The eyeliner is a super thin line, so you can just ignore that and the mascara I would typically add at the end, so you can just tack that on to the end of the tutorial. Otherwise all you'll need is a light swipe of gold shadow across your entire eyelid and under eye concealer if that's your thing (it's definitely mine). Now you're ready for the "date night" part of the tutorial...

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    Super Simple 3-Minute Date Night Eye Makeup

    I started by applying the lighter colored eye-shadow all over my eyelid with my pointer finger. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to use your ring finger since it has a lighter, more gentle touch, but whatever. This worked for me! If you're using a light color then you really can't screw this up. Promise.

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    Super Simple 3-Minute Date Night Eye Makeup

    Now this is where the smoky eye gets a little tricky and the part where you can end up looking like you got tackled in the face by a linebacker, so tread lightly. You can always add more shadow if you want it to be more intense... Dab a tiny bit of the dark shadow on the pad of your ring finger (I used the right finger this time!) and then swipe it along the outer edge of your crease. You only want to take the dark shadow to about the halfway point of your eye and make sure it's good and smudged in the crease. Then, smudge more shadow along your lash line to the halfway point of your eye. I drew a little dotted-line diagram above so you can see the motion. That's the shape you are smudging onto your eye with the shadow.

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    Super Simple 3-Minute Date Night Eye Makeup

    After you get your crease all good and shadowed up, add another dot of the light colored shadow in the middle of each eye right above your iris. This will brighten up your eye so you look less like you got punched in the eye. You're welcome.

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    Super Simple 3-Minute Date Night Eye Makeup

    Next up you'll need eye liner. A pencil will work much better than a liquid. You want something that can be easily smudged. I used Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Corrupt. I toyed with going for the blue, but I think I'm still a bit too novice for that. Plus brown is a classic and made me feel more comfortable with the bold eye. Baby steps.

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    Super Simple 3-Minute Date Night Eye Makeup

    When I'm doing my everyday eyeliner I only take the line to the halfway point of my eye and slowly fade it. For this date night eye I took the line all the way across my lid and made it thicker than I typically do, making sure the smudge the liner right into the lash line. I also added a little liner to the outside corner of my lower lashes.

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    Super Simple 3-Minute Date Night Eye Makeup

    And there you have it! A smoky eye that is easy enough for the eye makeup newbie (like me). Test it out on your next date night!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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