Temporary Tattoos Eye Makeup + Review: SO FUN!

I stumbled upon these awesome temporary tattoos for your eyes at CCLstore on Etsy just in time for Halloween. They are so fun and so easy, I just can’t stop raving about them!

They are temporary tattoo eye makeup transfers available in simple shapes like winged liners (that are always so hard to get right by hand), and extravagant lace designs, floral, and even leopard print. They’re a fun way to get a great makeup look for Halloween with very little know-how or skill, and little cost as well. For instance, if you were dressing as a cat for Halloween, the Cat Eyes Leopard Eyeliner Temporary Tattoos would be a great addition to your costume. But you can also cut them up and create new designs. They are easy to apply and easy to remove, and I just love them!

Check out my favorites below and a little review I did of my own pair!

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    These basic retro winged cat eye temporary tattoos are my favorite! You can get the perfect winged eye with no skill AND without worrying about smudging.


    Set of 4 Winged Eyeliner Temporary Tattoos $4

  • Temporary Tattoo Eye Makeup Instructions 2 of 14

    Most selections are only $4 each, but I wanted to try out a few of them, so I bought the multi-pack for $25, which I think is a great deal! The instructions are on the back of each tattoo as well as on the site.


    Set of 16 Pairs of Temporary Tattoo Eye Makeup Transfers $25


    How to Apply Temporary Eye Tattoo
    (Exactly same as normal temporary eye tattoo)

    1- Pop transfer out of the stencil.
    or for the set of 3 or 4 pairs eyeliner cut the eyeliners out from the sheet.

    2- You can cut it in the shape you like. You can apply to lid, wing, under eye or all three or of course anywhere else on your body if you prefer.

    3- Peel away the clear film protecting your transfer and place on desired area making sure that the area is clean and oil free.

    4- Using water, thoroughly wet the backing paper and press the transfer firmly to release the design. (soak a cotton wool ball or a tissue) leave the transfer in place for about 30 seconds pressing firmly on the backing paper.

    5- Slide the backing paper gently away from the transfer, leaving
    your transfer in place.

    6-Smooth any loose edges with water.


    Wow! You are now wearing eye tattoo


    How to Remove (There are 2 ways):

    1- Best and easiest way: Use scotch tape. Apply scotch over the tattoo, and then slowly peel off the scotch tape. This will remove the tattoo instantly.

    2- If you have sensitive skin: Rub with baby oil with a cotton swab. Better result if you leave the oil for a few minutes before rubbin



  • Temporary Tattoo Eye Makeup Review – 1 3 of 14

    I did a little test of my own. I followed the directions and began with clean skin.

  • Temporary Tattoo Eye Makeup Review – 2 4 of 14

    I chose my design ... in fact, I chose my least favorite design just in case I messed it up! And following the directions, I peeled off the clear film and had my wet washcloth ready for application.

  • Temporary Tattoo Eye Makeup Review – 3 5 of 14

    My eyelids are small, so I cut the design to fit...

  • Temporary Tattoo Eye Makeup Review – 4 6 of 14

    Pressed my design to my lids... (it stuck easily without having to hold it in place, but I couldn't move it from this point on or I would have messed up the design)

  • Temporary Tattoo Eye Makeup Review – 5 7 of 14

    With my wet washcloth, I moistened the back/paper side of my design and left it on for 30 seconds.

  • Temporary Tattoo Eye Makeup Review – 6 8 of 14

    Next I carefully peeled the paper away from the design on my lid...

  • And Voila! 9 of 14

    It totally worked! I accidentally put one side a bit higher than the other, so be careful to line them up right. The yellow on this design didn't show up on my skin very well in person, but it would look lovely on darker skin.

  • Voila! 10 of 14

    They felt a bit strange at first, but then I added some eye cream to them with a q-tip and it really smoothed out the design and made them feel more comfortable. I didn't add any other makeup, as you can see from the photo, but if I had, they really would have looked nice.

  • Starry Eyes 11 of 14

    I can't wait to try this starry one!


    One pair of Starry Eyed Eyeliner Temporary Tattoos $4

  • Floral Eye Makeup Tattoo 12 of 14

    This black floral one is really fun, too!


    One pair of Black Floral Eyeliner Temporary Tattoos $4

  • Purfect for a Kitty Costume! 13 of 14

    And this one is purrrrfection for a kitty cat or leopard Halloween costume!


    One pair of Cat Eyes Leopard Eyeliner Temporary Tattoos $4

  • Set of 16! 14 of 14

    Even though they're only $4 for each set, this Set of 16 Temporary Tattoo Eye Makeup Transfers for $25 is the best deal. Just in case you mess up, you have more on hand AND you can try out different styles. This is the set I bought.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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