10 Temporary Tattoos That Aren’t For Kids: Test the Tattoo Waters Before Taking the Permanent Plunge

It isn’t a secret that I’ve already been daydreaming about the designs for my next tattoo.

Though, it’s really hard to commit, y’know? And two of the three tattoos I currently have were conceived of and inked in the same day, so I’m really trying to take my time with this one. Feel it out. I want to cover my upper back and shoulder, so it’s no small decision. (While we’re on the topic, are text tattoos supposed to face you or the person looking at you? I’m not planning on getting one, but I always wonder about that…)

Anyway, after I let my daughter apply a series of large colorful Drew-Barrymore-circa-1998 temporary tattoos on my upper arm (only to attend a birthday party for a friend and have multiple people ask me if I’d gotten new ink … I’d lie if I said I wasn’t kind of offended that they thought I’d tattoo five large butterflies on my arm at this juncture in my life, but I digress … ) Anyway, it occurred to me that temporary tattoos might help me figure out just how visible and large I truly want this next piece to be.

I know, weird, right? Temporary tattoos aren’t just for the kiddos anymore.

Lately, even celebrities are donning temporary tattoos down the red carpet (hi, Katie Holmes and Sarah Jessica Parker.) Temporary tattoo companies like Tattly, Spirit Ink, and Tattoonie Design (among others) are taking temporary tattoos up a notch by working with great designers, turning the temporary tattoo into it’s own unique art form.

  • I may never get permanent ink again… 1 of 11
    temporary tattoos that don't suck

    The following temporary tattoos made me either laugh, want to put it on my body, tickled my fancy, or just seemed like a good idea. 

  • Eat Safe, People 2 of 11

    Use Condiments.

    Photo courtesy of Tattoonie Designs

  • Hung Up on These Tattoos 3 of 11

    Whomp. Whomp.

    Photo courtesy of Spirt Ink

  • To Pierce or Not to Pierce 4 of 11

    Take non-commitment to a whole new level with these temporary tattoo'd piercings.

    Photo courtesy of Tatoonie Design

  • WYSIWYG 5 of 11


    Photo courtesy of Tattly

  • I Love Your New NECK Tattoo 6 of 11

    Terrify friends and coworkers.

    Photo courtesy of Tattly

  • You Are What You Eat 7 of 11

    Or, you see what I eat.

    Photo courtesy of Tattly

  • Reminder: 8 of 11

    Buy more ink.

    Photo courtesy of Tattly

  • Fashion Forward Skin 9 of 11

    Don't get stuck in a fashion rut with dated permanent ink.

    Photo courtesy of Spirt Ink

  • Sure You Are… 10 of 11

    So am I.

    Photo courtesy of Tattoonie Designs

  • Total Commitment 11 of 11

    ...without total remorse. Let your wedding guests ink your names.

    Photo courtesy of Spirit Ink


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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