How the Beauty Blender Can Replace All Foundation Brushes

I am so excited to share this new tool with you! I was in the market for a foundation brush and was absolutely overwhelmed with the choices. They were all so expensive, the costly ones averaging around $45 and the cheaper ones being about $25. I sat there in front of the brush section at Sephora, completely puzzled and discouraged because I had no idea which brush I needed. “To heck with it,” I thought, and I got in line to buy some new foundation. Instantly I noticed this basket of hot pink amazingness and naturally gravitated to it. I ended up buying this little beauty blender, and you guys, it has seriously changed everything about the way I apply my makeup.

The beauty blender is so simple and easy to use, and it blends amazingly well. Having a flawless complexion is all about the perfect blend. This sponge applicator doesn’t soak up any product, so you don’t have to worry about wasting makeup! It’s latex-free and so super gentle on your skin. There are no edges in order to eliminate visible lines and streaks, and its pointed side is fabulous for hard-to-reach spots, like under the eyes and around the nose and mouth.

Let me take you through the steps of how the beauty blender works, and hopefully by the end of this slideshow you’ll be convinced that you need one! Bye-bye, expensive makeup brushes. This is further proof that everything hot pink really is just better.

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    You can buy the beauty blender here for $19.95 with free shipping!


    The foundation brushes can be found at Sephora: $45 Dior |$36 Makeup Forever | $30 Shiseido | $24 Benefit

  • Saturate in Water 2 of 8

    First, soak your beauty blender in water. Give it a good squeeze, and make sure it's been completely saturated.

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  • Towel Dry 4 of 8

    Next you're going to squeeze out the excess water. Using the same squeezing motion, towel dry your beauty blender.

  • Dip in your Foundation 5 of 8

    Now dip your damp blender into your makeup of choice. My absolute favorite foundation right now is from makeup forever. The beauty blender can be used with liquid, cream, mineral, and wet/dry powders, and it's fabulous for cream blushes!

  • Bounce and Blend 6 of 8

    Bounce the makeup onto your face. For smaller or hard to reach areas, use the tip of the beauty blender, and for larger areas like your forehead, cheeks, or chin, use the rounder wide base.

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  • Blender Cleanser 8 of 8

    To clean: Wet your blender and apply some blender cleanser. It comes in either a liquid or solid, and from the reviews I've read, you really just want to get the real stuff. This blender should last you forever. Next, you're going to squeeze the blender into a lather and rinse it out under water. Towel dry and put it in its pedestal to dry.

    You can buy it at Sephora for $17.95 

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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