The Best Beauty Finds from Your Local Asian Market

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this but I happen to be Asian. Well, one-half Korean to be exact. My mother was born in South Korea and met my American father when he was drafted and stationed in her country in the late 60s. So, going to the Asian market has been a constant throughout my life.

When I was growing up in Maine, we had to drive an hour to get to the closest Korean grocery store. Asian markets much more common now. If you live anywhere near a city or college town you can probably find one. Lucky for me, I live in Chicago and there is one down the street.

Not only do these stores carry delicious foods, but they are a goldmine of awesome, inexpensive beauty products. Click through the slideshow of a virtual tour through my local store, Joong Boo Market in Chicago and some of my favorite products they carry. I’ve left the price tags on all my purchases so you can see what a steal these items are. I prefer many of them over more expensive options. I can’t promise you’ll find these exact products in your local store but these types of products are a sure thing.

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  • My Local Market 2 of 17

    Here's my local market here in Chicago, Joong Boo. I love it here great selection, great food in the small restaurant area, and great beauty and housewares. On special occasions I venture out to the burbs to hit up Korean superstore, H-Mart, but Joong Boo is my regular hangout.



  • Face Mask Sheets 3 of 17

    My absolute favorite-of-all-time beauty products found in Asian markets are facial mask sheets. There are a variety of brands and varieties from Collagen to CoQ10 to Hyaluronic Acid. These nutrient-soaked face-shaped sheets leave my skin feeling dewy and soft.  I've tried a wide variety and haven't experienced one I don't love. 


    This Ylang Gallery Fragrance of Morning Phyto Collagen Essence Mask can be found on Amazon. $2.00


  • Beauty Skin Cloths 4 of 17

    Oh wait a minute… Maybe these are my favorite beauty product.I probably have 4 of these "beauty skin cloths" stashed around my condo. They are basically long scrubby cloths that are the absolute best at washing your back, post -hair removal exfoliating, banishing dry skin from rough elbows and heels, exfoliating pre-self-tanner, and more.


    Just like their site says, the Salux Beauty Skin Cloth is "A simple thing that just makes life a little nicer." $5.98


  • So Many Choices! 5 of 17

    Awesomely scrubby "Beauty Skin Cloths" come in a wide variety of colors. 

  • More Exfoliating Goodness 6 of 17

    If a long cloth isn't your style, you can find exfoliating mitts, gloves, and poufs. Notice the head bands in the center? Those are next on my list.

  • Spa Head Band 7 of 17

    I have bangs and I find these soft inexpensive head bands the perfect gentle way to keep them out of my face when I cleanse, apply products, or wear a face mask.


    Here's a similar spa head band on Amazon. $12.50 for 3


  • More Facial Masks 8 of 17

    Now that you have a tool to keep your hair out of your face, you can pick up more face masks! If you aren't a fan of face sheets, you can find a wide variety of classic masks as well. This clay based one from PureDerm is purifying with dead sea salt, mango, and orange.


    Available at Beauty Encounter. $1.25


  • Tools of the Trade 9 of 17

    I like to peruse the aisles for inexpensive and unusual beauty tools. Asian markets are a great place to pick up tweezers, eyelash curlers, small shavers, small grooming scissors, and more.

  • Foot Care 10 of 17

    Asian markets usually carry an assortment of foot files, rasps, loofahs, and pumice stones. I recently picked up a foot file and a cute foot-shaped pumice stone.

  • New Item 11 11 of 17

    Don't like the foot care products I selected? No worries, your local Asian market will probably have lots of inexpensive options.


    Rasps like this on from OceanPure that I found on Amazon are usually on the shelves. $5.99


  • New Item 12 12 of 17

    After you scrub your feet, try one of these amazing foot masks. Each package contains two slip-on softening foot sheets and two plastic booties to wear over the masks. I really appreciate the convenience of treating my feet to some extra moisture while being able to walk around and be productive.


    This PureDerm Botanical Choice Intensive Repair Foot Mask in Avocado is available at Beauty Encounter. $1.59

  • Makeup Remover Cleansing Tissues 13 of 17

    Another Asian market staple in my home are makeup remover towelettes. These PureDerm cleansing tissues come in green tea, cucumber, rose, and aloe. I use these to remove my eye makeup every night. They are gentle, effective, affordable, and they smell awesome.


    I found my favorite Purederm Make Up Cleansing Tissues in Green Tea on Be Cleo. $3.50

  • Charcoal Soap 14 of 17

    After you remove your makeup, wash your face with charcoal soap. Charcoal is a detoxifying and will help attract dirt and oils from your face. It's anti-bacterial and a great choice for acne-prone skin.


    This charcoal soap is available on Ali Express. $15.47


  • Milk Soap 15 of 17

    I'm also a fan of milk soap for my body. Lactic acid is a popular gentle exfoliant that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. This particular brand, MuKungHwa, smells fantastic too.  Unfortunately, I can't find an online retailer for this soap but I have seen it and other milk-based soaps at several Asian markets.


  • Eye Masks 16 of 17

    Last but definitely not least, I'm addicted to these great eye masks. I use the de-puffing version to minimize my eye bags. You just peel the patch off of the plastic liner and apply it under your eyes. Wear it for 30 minutes to get the maximum de-puffing benefits of the gingko and collagen.


    They are available online at Beauty Encounter. $4.99



  • Bra Pads? 17 of 17

    You want to go to the Asian market now, right? I kind of want to go back for these sexy bra pads. Ha ha ha. I'm just kidding… kind of. 

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