The Best Emergency Hair Accessories to Stash in your Purse

PicMonkey CollageWe’ve all been there. On a date, or out for the day, and your hair just turns into a mess.

Whether it’s humidity, a rain storm, or static electricity, there are times that we just need to “start over” with our hair–and that can be difficult when you are out for the day!

If you stash some of these emergency hair accessories on your bag, I’m sure you’ll be able to recover even the worst hair day. I always carry hairspray, clear elastics and bobby pins. And if I’m going somewhere and I may want to do something a little prettier, a twistband or delicate headband are sure to do the trick.

The key to recovering wilted or even wet hair is to not overdo it. Keep it simple. And try not to mess with it too much or add too much extra product. A simple sleek ponytail with a twistband or clear elastic will do the trick.

  • The Best Emergency Hair Accessories to Stash in your Purse 1 of 6
  • Clear Elastics 2 of 6

    Clear Elastics are my top choice for pulling hair back into a ponytail or bun. It looks sleek and sophisticated.
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  • Bobby Pins 3 of 6

    Diane brand bobby pins are my absolute favorite. They hold the hair snug without any ripping or pulling.

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  • A Pretty Headband 4 of 6

    A delicate, pretty headband can push wilted, messy hair off your face and refresh your hairstyle instantly

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  • Twistbands 5 of 6

    Twistbands are great to wear on your wrist and throw your hair back without leaving any creases or dents.

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  • Travel Size Hairspray 6 of 6

    If you end up adjusting your hairstyle in the bathroom somehwere, it's nice to have a little hairspray to help tame fly-aways and keep everything in place.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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