The Best Texturizing Products to Prep Your Hair for an Updo

If you are trying any updos this holiday season, make sure you prep your hair with the right products.

One of the main reasons why hairstylists ask their clients not to wash their hair prior to performing an updo is because they want the “day old texture” that the hair had.

These days, you can add texture in with the right combination of products. Personally, I think clean hair is the best to start with.

Your style will hold better and look a little softer, and your bobby pins will stay in place better if you have a little bit of grit in your hair prior to styling.

These are some great products to use just before you pull your hair up, whether straight or curly.

  • Prep Work 1 of 7
  • DrySpun Finish 2 of 7

    Bumble and Bumble's DrySpun finish is a great texturizer. I love how light it is, still adding bulk to even the finest stands at the same time.

    Buy it at Sephora for $29

  • Living Proof Instant Texture Volumizer 3 of 7

    Apply a dab of this through your hair prior to blow drying, and you'll have a great, workable texture for any hairstyle.

    Buy it at Sephora for $24

  • Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture and Volume Spray 4 of 7

    Oscar Blandi is famous for his "undone" looks, and this product will give your hair the right texture without being too stiff or "perfect." This is great for softening curls that are too tight while making your hair look "lived in."

    Buy it at Sephora for $24

  • It’s a 10 Miracle Styling Serum 5 of 7

    If you are going for a smooth look, apply a smoothing serum before AND after you blow dry to give your hair the best chance at staying frizz-free.

    Buy it at Target for $19.99

  • Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo 6 of 7

    A simple dry shampoo is the easiest way to add a little grit to your hair prior to pulling it back. It will keep your hair fresh feeling, but give it the right texture ... as if it's "dirty hair."

    Not sold online, find in stores at Target.

  • Oscar Blandi Dry Teasing Dust 7 of 7

    If big hair is what you are going for, give this teasing dust a try. It will hold your tease better and give you massive volume.

    Buy it at Sephora for $23

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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