The Dos and Don’ts of Nail Polish

Don’t we all just love a fresh manicure? Well let me tell you, there’s nothing more frustrating than picking out your favorite color to find you either can’t open the lid or that the polish is all goopey and won’t go on smoothly. And even worse than that? When it takes ages to dry. Ahhh, so aggravating!

Most people aren’t aware that nail polish needs to be stored correctly in order to work correctly. Here are some simple guidelines to storing your nail polish so it stays fresh and goes on smoothly, and also some safe ways to make sure you get a great manicure!

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    • Don't store your nail polishes sideways. When a bottle lies on its side, lacquer can work its way around the neck of the bottle and make it impossible to open. When nail polish is stored on its side, it also makes it harder to shake the pigments back together.  
    • Do store your nail polish upright. No matter how many racks or how many boxes you need, make sure your polishes are all standing up! Not only will it help you find your colors faster, but it'll make them last longer and prevent those impossible lids!
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    • Don't store your nail polish in a bathroom. Because the temperature and humidity in bathrooms are constantly changing, they make awful houses for your nail polish
    • Do store your polish somewhere dark and cool, and somewhere where the temperature isn't changing. When nail polish is exposed to changing temperatures, it causes the formulation to change, causing the polish to go on gooey and uneven.
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    • Don't use nail polish remover to thin your polish. Many removers contain acetone that can break down the formula of your polish and can actually ruin it.
    • Do use thinner drops. Nail polish thinner is specially formulated to restore your thickened polish back to its original consistency. Use 2-3 drops and roll the bottle between your hands — your polish will be like new. 
  • Prep Right 4 of 5
    • Don't apply lotion or wash your hands right before applying nail polish. After you've manicured your nails and taken the old polish off, it can be tempting to want to wash your hands or lather them up with some lotion. Fight the urge and skip it. Our nails are porous, and washing or putting on lotion adds moisture into the nail, causing polish to chip or bubble after it's been applied.
    • Do push back your nail beds. To get the best manicure, make sure you've smoothed the nail and pushed back your cuticles. And before you apply any polish, rub a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover. Doing so will dry out your nail, making it all ready to take on some color!
  • Skip the Yellow Nails 5 of 5
    • Don't skip the nail prep. The last thing you want are yellow nails left over from your previous manicure.
    • Do use a base coat. A base coat will provide a smooth base for your nail color, as well as protect and nourish your nail beds from turning yellow. Finish off with a topcoat to make your manicure last!
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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