The Easiest Trick for Natural-looking Curls

By now, we’ve all heard of curling wands and all of the different ways to use them. But what you may not know is the easiest styling tip for natural-looking curls … check it out!

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    You've been using your wand for years, but have you been missing the one simple step that makes your curls look like you're not trying too hard? Get in on the secret...


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    Start by curling all of your hair away from your face. The thickness of hair coupled with the size barrel you're using will determine the tightness of the curls. I tend to vary the thickness to avoid uniformity. The bottom layers of my hair are sectioned pieces approximately 2 inches in diameter, whereas the top layers are approximately an inch thick. Hair should be curled when clean to help achieve longer holding results. Depending on your hair's ability to hold curl, you may want to apply styling mousse before blowdrying or even spritzing each strand with hairspray before curling.


    My favorite curling wand (shown here) is the Trio Clipless Curling Iron by Jose Eber Hair; $170 

    For loose beachy waves I prefer the 32mm Clipless Curling Iron; $130

  • Step 2. Tousle 3 of 5

    By this stage in styling, your hair is completely curled. You're all set, right? Not so fast. Here's where the going gets good. Toss all of your hair behind your shoulders. Tip your head back and shake your curls from the roots. It seems counterintuitive after all the hard work you invested in curling it, but just wait... 

  • Step 3. Spray 4 of 5

    With all of your hair still behind your shoulders, spray it with strong holding hairspray. Make sure to spray a fine mist all over the entire length of your curls. By spraying at this stage, the curls will be set in a more natural looking form.


    I prefer to use Beyond the Zone Frozen Stiff Hair Spray; $9.29

  • Step 4. Voila 5 of 5

    Now that your hair is set with styling spray, pull the majority of it over each shoulder — only leaving a small amount to rest on your back. Voila! The results are oh so natural and will convince everyone you didn't try too hard — because really, you didn't! Now go forth and tell me how many head turns you get as a result. 


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