Mom: 7 Reasons the Lob Should Be Your Next Haircut

Looking for a quick and easy way to start fresh this year? Maybe it’s time to change your look! A haircut is a fantastic way to mark the beginning of a new chapter. Whether you’ve made a long-term resolution or not, a visit to a salon can kick-start some great changes in your life. So skip the trim and go for a cut that is decidedly current and worth all the buzz: the easy-wearing, on-trend lob.

The lob, also known as a long bob or demi bob, is the hottest haircut in Hollywood. It typically falls in mid-length territory, just above to just below the shoulders. But the real trick to a beautiful lob is the layering. The ends are either blunt or softly layered, removing the weight to add movement. (If layers are too short, you’ll end up with a less versatile style that resembles a 90’s shag.)

Celebrities of all ages are wearing the lob, whether they’ve grown their pixie cuts into the style or chopped their signature length. Its popularity continues because unlike other recent haircut trends, you don’t have to be an A-lister to look amazing wearing it. In fact, this is a universally flattering cut that is perfect for busy moms.

Here’s why:

1. It’s Short!

No, this cut isn’t short short, but if you’ve been wearing your hair long for awhile, it will definitely feel like a big change. Additionally, texturizing adds an airy and light quality. The bonus? Shorter drying time! In fact, everything from shampooing to styling will require less time, less effort, and less product. Shaving off a few minutes can seem huge when you have a baby screaming in a bouncy seat in the bathroom with you.

2. It’s Long!

While the lob is short enough to be quick to style, it’s long enough for the essential mom ‘do: the ponytail. In fact, there is a lot you can do with this length, including pinned-back fringe, half-up styles, and updos. Additionally, if your partner is a fan of length (a common roadblock to shorter hair in my experience as a hairstylist) this mid-length should keep ‘em from complaining … too much.

3. One Cut Fits Most

This cut looks great on almost all hair types and textures and can be tailored to flatter any face shape. Whether your hair is naturally straight, wavy, or curly, there is a lob for you. Wear bangs? Great. No fringe? That’s cool, too. Just opt for more texturizing if your hair is thick or coarse and ask for a more blunt cut if your hair is fine or thin.

4. No Styling Required

The options are endless when you want to spiff up your style — the lob looks gorgeous straight, curled, sculpted into retro waves, up, down, etc. But … the best, most current way to style a lob is to do nothing at all. (Yeah, you read that correctly.) Just add product and let that baby air-dry. Try a texturizing product like Bumble & Bumble Bb. Texture (Un)Dressing Creme if your hair is straight or anti-frizz curl cream like Living Proof No Frizz Wave Making, Curl Shaping Styling Cream if your hair is curly. It doesn’t get more mom-friendly than that!

5. It’s Ageless

While its shorter predecessors have somehow gained a reputation as a “soccer mom” style, the long bob defies stereotyping. It’s also a fresh style that looks as fantastic on Faith Hill (47) and Naomi Watts (46) as it does on Hilary Duff (27) and Ciara (29).

6. It’s Refreshing

As a hairstylist, I remember when this length was considered an annoying “in-between” length reserved for women growing their hair out. But everything comes around as they say, and the soft layering has transformed the shoulder-grazing style into anything but awkward. This cut embodies the spirit of fashion and beauty today — easy, forgiving, and flattering.

7. It’s Accessory-Friendly

The lob is adorable peeking out from under a warm winter beanie. This may not matter to you as much if you live in a warmer climate, but for this native New Englander living in Chicago, a style that looks fab with a hat is essential in the winter. If hats aren’t your thing, this style really lends itself to a variety of accessories including barrettes, embellished bobby pins, and headbands.

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