The Rose Gold Craze: Urban Decay’s Naked3 Review and Look Tutorial

Urban Decay’s Naked, Naked2, and Naked Basics palettes have been huge hits. They were sold out immediately after release and remained hard to buy for months afterwards. They’ve spawned untold numbers of tutorials online, and each release was highly anticipated.

Earlier this fall, pictures began to emerge online of a Naked3 palette. Those posting claimed they had purchased Naked3 in Europe, but nothing had been formally announced by the company. The online speculation was fast and furious, from those calling the pictures fake to Urban Decay’s loyal fans hoping the rumors were true. Once released, this palette was selling at a rate of about 1 per second!

  • Urban Decay’s Naked3 Eye Shadow Palette 1 of 13

    A few weeks ago, the palette finally hit the Urban Decay website, and I was one of the lucky few that snagged one! The palette has now hit Sephora and is scheduled to hit ULTA in the next few days; my local store told me they expect to stock it starting December 12th.

    Urban Decay Naked3 Palette $52

  • The 3rd Installment 2 of 13

    While the previous Naked collections were were more neutral and nude, the Naked3 palette has mostly pink, rose, and gold shadows. While beautiful in the palette, this collection is definitely less universal than the previous palettes.


    Each of the palettes contains 12 shadows, many of which are exclusive to the palettes. They also come with the dual-ended shadow brush that you see in my Naked3 palette.


    I'm pale and cool toned, so the Naked3 is wonderful for me. However, my friend Aprill over at Glitter.Gloss.Garbage did a great post on Naked3, and her Naked3 swatches are on her much darker skin tone. Many of the shades look amazing on her!

  • Light Swatches 3 of 13

    These lighter shades are the ones that would be the hardest to wear for anyone without cool tones in their skin.


    Strange: pale neutral pink matte-satin
    Dust: pale metallic pink shimmer w/iridescent micro-glitter
    Burnout: light pinky-peach satin
    Limit: light dusty rose matte
    Buzz: metallic rose shimmer w/silver micro-glitter
    Trick: light metallic pinky-copper shimmer w/tonal micro-sparkle


    (All colors are swatched over ELF's Glitter Primer.)

  • Dark Swatches 4 of 13

    The darker tones are much more neutral and would work for pretty much anyone. I know that I'll be reaching for Factory, Mugshot, and Darkside much more frequently than the lighter end of the palette.


    Nooner: medium pinky-brown matte
    Liar: medium metallic mauve shimmer
    Factory: pinky-brown satin
    Mugshot: metallic taupe shimmer w/slight pink shift
    Darkside: deep taupe-mauve satin
    Blackheart: smoky black matte w/rosy red micro-sparkle


    (All colors are swatched over ELF's Glitter Primer.)

  • Naked Duo Liners 5 of 13

    In addition to the new Naked3 palette, Urban Decay has released coordinating double-ended 24/7 eyeliners. The first pencil (with Zero and Whiskey) was created to be included in the original Naked palette, but was replaced by the double-ended brush. The pencil was released later, and shocker, it was very popular! A double-ended brown and black liner is perfect for saving space in a makeup bag or for travel!

    Urban Decay Naked 24/7 Glide-On Double Ended Eye Pencil $16 each

  • Liner Swatches 6 of 13

    Naked Basics:
    •  Venus: soft, off-white shimmer
    •  Crave: deepest, darkest brown-black matte

    •  Zero: zealous black cream
    •  Whiskey: rich brown matte

    •  Perversion: blackest-black matte
    •  Pistol: light gray-brown shimmer

    •  Darkside: purple-taupe satin
    •  Blackheart: smoky black matte with rosy red micro-glitter

  • Everyday Look Tutorial 7 of 13

    Although the majority of the palette is rose gold, it is possible to create a fairly neutral everyday look using the palette! Here's a look at how I did my makeup a few days ago using the Naked3 palette.

  • The Lid 8 of 13

    My lid was first prepped using a shadow primer, NYX shadow base. I love that the skin tone shade really blends in well to my skin, helping to conceal visible vessels. I started by applying Limit to my entire lid, up to the crease. Next, I patted Trick over the same area, but only the outer half. This added a nice gold shimmer that was much more apparent in person than in any of these pictures.

    Try: NYX Eye Shadow Base $7

  • The Crease 9 of 13

    Next, I used Factory in my crease. I applied to the very top of my crease, almost on the brow bone. This helps my eyes look big! However, that very apparent line in the top picture isn't very pretty, so I used a blending brush over this area a few times until there were no more harsh lines.

  • Shimmer and Liner 10 of 13

    After adding the Trick to the outside of my eye, the inner corner was looking blah! It also needed a little light shimmer. I patted Dust into the inner 1/3 to 1/2 of the eye, not quite up to the crease.

    Next, it was time for liner! I used Perversion, Urban Decay's deep matte black. I used the pencil very sharp, and I put it into the lash line, moving it back and forth. This tightlines the eye and adds a little line of liner for above the lashes as well. Note that when I do this, closing my eye will transfer some of the liner into the lower lid's waterline as well. I did add a small amount of Perversion to even things out on the lower lash line, but that's it.

  • Smudged Liner 11 of 13

    Now that my liner is on, I like to smudge it a bit with a brush.  I did this mostly on the upper lash line, but a little on the lower as well. Here you can see that the Perversion stayed pretty tight into my waterline. I don't like dark liners to migrate down below my lower lash line — if they smudge at all, the result is tired eyes! The black smudges look like dark circles behind my glasses.

  • Finish the Look 12 of 13
  • Done! 13 of 13

    The finished look is neutral and worked great for the day I had planned, which was running errands with my family. The subtle shimmer of the shadows didn't get picked up in the pictures, but it was very pretty in person!

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