Thoughts On Beauty For My Daughter

One of the things that is most terrifying to me about raising a daughter is thinking about all the bombardment of unrealistic beauty images and ideals that she is going to receive throughout the years. As a woman, I have experienced this bombardment firsthand and while I know I can’t protect her from the media, I can do my best to instill a healthy sense of what beauty is in order to combat the stereotypes she will likely be overwhelmed with. I want her to know that it’s OK to care about her self-image and to take pride in her appearance, but I also want her to know that it’s not the end-all, be-all of her existence. We don’t exist merely to be pretty faces.

Here are a few thoughts I would like to share with my daughter about beauty as she grows up…some are deeper than others, but all worthwhile I think.

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    A few thoughts (and even a couple of tips!) on beauty for my daughter.
  • Focus on your favorites 2 of 12
    No matter how perfect I may think you are as a mama, it is unrealistic to expect that you are going to feel the same. There are going to be physical things about your appearance that you just aren't going to love and that's OK. What I do hope for you is that you learn to focus on your favorite attributes instead of on the negatives. I've always loved my lips, so I always play them up with lipstick, because it makes me feel pretty. Enjoy the loveliest parts of your appearance.
  • Love your body 3 of 12
    As women we tend to focus on all the parts of our bodies that we don't like. I've never liked my stomach. But, life is too short to go about it worried about whether or not your thighs look "too fat" in a pair of shorts. Love your body for all of the things that it is and for all of the things it is capable of. It is beautifully and wonderfully made!
  • Find your own style 4 of 12
    I'm not always going to love all the outfits you pick or the makeup you want to wear, but I hope that you find your own style over time. I hope you go through an awkward phase of wearing overall shorts or something equally heinous and that you test out terrible shades of eyeshadow. It's a rite of passage that we should all get to experience on our journey to finding a style that we love and feel comfortable with.
  • Beautify from the inside out 5 of 12
    Start from the inside when it comes to beauty. Fill your body with good, quality foods to fuel it and make it beautiful and healthy.
  • Get your beauty sleep 6 of 12
    Remember that no amount of eye cream or skin illuminator can ever compensate for the miracle of a good night's sleep.
  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen 7 of 12
    Please, please, please, whatever you do...wear sunscreen! Your skin will look infinitely better than mine by the time you are my age if you do this. I'm going to be "that mom" that doesn't let you go to tanning beds or use baby oil to bask in the sun. Sorry. Deal with it.
  • Don’t compare yourself to your friends 8 of 12
    The beautiful thing about people is that we're all different, so please try not to compare yourself to your friends. They may have better hair or a cuter butt than you, but that doesn't mean they're better than you. There will always be someone prettier than you - that's life - but it doesn't mean you aren't pretty. Who cares if you're friend has the most stunning green eyes? She's probably jealous of your long legs. No one is perfect, so try to appreciate your own assets and rock what you've got.
  • Get dressed 9 of 12
    I hope that you learn to take pride in your appearance, by always putting in the effort to "get dressed". I do not mean to say that you can't have lazy days where you hang out in leggings and t-shirts, because we all need days like that, and I'm not saying that you need to be dressed to the nines at all times. What I do mean is that I hope you put in the effort to put yourself together more often than not. Brush your hair, swipe on some lip gloss and put on pants that you wouldn't wear only to the gym. It will speak volumes about you, but more importantly will help you to feel more confident.
  • Take time for the details 10 of 12
    When it comes to beauty, details are key. Take the time to groom your brows and paint your toe nails. The little things make all the difference.
  • Have fun with it 11 of 12
    Beauty shouldn't be stressful; it should be fun! So enjoy it and experiment and don't take it too seriously.
  • Beauty is only skin deep 12 of 12
    You can be as pretty and polished as can be on the outside, but if you have a mean and unkind spirit then it will all be for naught. Beauty is only skin deep and it is your inner character that is truly important and what I really care about. I hope that you become a kind, loving and compassionate person who is beautiful both on the inside AND out.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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