Top Beauty Pins of 2013

As we embark on a New Year, it’s always productive to review the past. Leave it to Pinterest pinners to collect all the greatest tips and beauty tricks throughout the year and cash in on their favorites, from nails to hair and everything in-between. It’s unknown whether or not these pins are all tried, tested and true; but one thing’s for sure — they certainly all made some serious buzz! Follow along as I share the Top Beauty Pins of 2013 that ruled and reigned supreme!

  • How Very Pinteresting! 1 of 20

    Here's a look at what you Pinners were up to this past year — The Top Beauty Pins of 2013!

  • Heart Your Nails 2 of 20

    Even though this was 'so last year' hearts are always in style. I can see why this Valentine's Mani took pinners by storm all year long! A little cut-out heart from washi tape creates the perfect stencil for adding some love to your mani!


    For the full how-to tutorial, visit:

  • Like, Lipstick That Migrates? 3 of 20

    We've been using makeup forever to look younger; but could simple mistakes in application actually cause us to look older? These 10 mistakes, such as: using too much concealer or applying black mascara to lower lashes could actually make us look older! I don't know about you, but premature aging is not the look I'm going for.


    For all 10 Beauty Mistakes, visit:

  • Chips Be Gone! 4 of 20

    We're all hoping for some miracle trick to keep our polish from chipping. Supposedly, simple vinegar applied to dry nails before using polish actually helps polish adhere better. I think they might be onto something. After all, remember my love for Formula X? It uses a very similar "pretreating" your nails tactic. 


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  • Color Me Happy 5 of 20

    Bold beautiful color or subtle highlights demand equal attention. This pin gained fast response as being that "go-to" photo to give your hair stylist for the ultimate example of natural-looking highlights.


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  • Playing with Patterns 6 of 20

    Maybe you're one for nail art, adding embellishments, or playing with patterns and contrasting colors — this pin shows how to achieve all three on the same hand! Call me crazy, but that's five pins (one for each finger) in one!


    For this and more nail art inspiration, visit: 

  • Good Morning, Beautiful! 7 of 20

    The old adage, early to bed — early to rise — makes a girl healthy, wealthy and wise! So I guess those of us who are late to bed are royally hosed (that includes myself) on all accounts. Apparently, I'm not the only one —over 2,700 pinners are in the same boat. Thankfully there are some beauty products that help "fake it until you make it" to look like you're a morning person.


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  • Scrub-a-Dub! 8 of 20

    Whip it up in your own kitchen beauty concoctions are all the craze. Over 4,300 pinners agree that these 10 DIY facial scrubs are just what our winter skin desires. 


    For all recipes and full directions, visit: 

  • Everyday Eyes 9 of 20

    We all want to look our best in no time at all. A little shadow and some mascara can go a long way with this universal look. This pin shows how to do the bare minimum with makeup for maximum results! 


    For the full explanation, visit: BarbieMutation

  • Party Time! 10 of 20

    New Year's Eve has come and gone; but this mani begs to party a little longer! Maybe you should make New Year beauty resolutions starting out with one of these three fun nail art tutorials. It's no wonder why over 3,000 pinners want to continue to party-hardy in the New Year!


    For the full how-to tutorial, visit: 

  • Your Sophisticated Side 11 of 20

    Maybe you're the bride. Maybe you're the bridesmaid. Heck! Maybe you're neither; but all of this side-scalloped loveliness deserves some serious attention. 2,880 pinners want the low-down on how to do it themselves!


    For the full tutorial, visit: PinterestTutorials

  • One, Two, Three! 12 of 20

    Make three ponytails, braid, twist into buns, and pin to secure! This simple triple braided updo has 4,105 pinners wanting to try it for themselves!


    For this look and more, visit:

  • Meow! 13 of 20

    Winged liner will always be a classic. Linda Hallberg has 2,369 pinners anxious to give this kitty-cat look a try.


    For step-by-step picture instructions, visit: LindaHallberg

  • Do It Up Right! 14 of 20

    Elegant updo's can be tricky to style. Whether adorned with glamourous accessories or kept plain and simple, this classic chignon grasped pinners attention to try it out!


    For the full tutorial, visit: PinterestTutorials

  • Curb Oil With Oil 15 of 20

    Oil cleansing is the new way to cleanse skin. Brands across the board are coming out with oil cleansing systems. This DIY oil cleansing system says you can create your very own skincare regimen using oils you already own!


    For more details, visit:

  • Hello, Beach Babe! 16 of 20

    Forgot to pack your curling iron? Too far away from sun and surf to get the beach waves the natural way? Try braiding your hair is small sections and then applying heat to set, using a flat iron. Hello, beach babe!


    For the full tutorial, visit: KoutureKiss

  • Stop And Smell The Daisies 17 of 20

    With spring right around the corner, it's time to take note of seasonal nail art. 2,053 pinners are making sure they keep this one pinned for safe keeping!


    For the full tutorial, visit:

  • Beautiful Braids 18 of 20

    Although it may look complicated, this braided updo claims to be super simple! I'm a bit skeptical after seeing the full how-to photos; but that isn't stopping 2,785 other people from wanting to try it!


    For the full how-to, visit:

  • A Quick Fixer-Upper 19 of 20

    This mess of a tragedy happens to all of us. You know the drill, opening your suitcase to find your compacts are crushed. Or maybe it's just the baby who decides to turn your blush into a bowling ball. This quick fix using rubbing alcohol is supposed to fix broken into brand new!


    For complete instructions, visit:

  • Strengthen Your Strands 20 of 20

    Egg yolks and olive oil — no, I'm not talking about today's breakfast; rather, a DIY hair treatment for soft shiny hair. Although, treating my hair while enjoying a scrambled egg breakfast might be win-win! Are you with the 3,220 other pinners that think so?


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