Victory Rolls: A Pin-Up Hair Tutorial

In the 1940’s the sleek, modern hair and messy tousled hair was not in style.  This was the era where women were aiming for perfectly styled, voluminous hair.  Because of the war and fabric rationing, many women relied on their hair to make a statement.  I think that the Victory Rolls are such a gorgeous look and can easily be modernized.

It’s important that you know how to create the simple victory roll because it can be the base to many other hairstyles.  If you have stick straight hair you might to try some hot rollers.  The key is to create soft curls.  You’re going to need some hairspray, a curling iron and a teasing brush.  Victory rolls are swept up and away from the face, rolled and pinned toward the top of the head.  Enjoy this tutorial for creating that perfect victory roll.

  • Christina Aguilera 1 of 13

    This is such a modern look for the victory roll.  I love how sleek it looks on Christina.  To modernize such a vintage hairstyle make sure to wear something that wouldn't be found in the 1940's!

    image source: prphotos

  • Scarlete Johansson 2 of 13

    Scarlett has used this technique to create a gorgeous up-do.  See how it can easily be modernized?

    source: prphotos

  • The Freckled Fox 3 of 13

    I'm in love with Emily's look from the Freckled Fox.  While it is much similar to mine, she has placed the rolls further back on her head and allowed her bangs to really accentuate her features.  Check out her other vintage tutorials!

  • Victory Rolls 4 of 13

    I decided to go big with my victory rolls.  In lieu of Halloween I wanted something drastic! 

  • Start with some Retro Glam Curls 5 of 13

    You can find the tutorial here.

  • Step 1 6 of 13
  • Step 2 7 of 13
  • Step 3 8 of 13
  • Step 4 9 of 13
  • And to add some more flair! 10 of 13
  • Step 5 11 of 13
  • Step 6 12 of 13
  • Make sure to check these out, too! 13 of 13

    Make sure to check out these other looks! Start with the Faux Bettie Bangs here.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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