We Let Our Toddlers Do Our Makeup — Here’s What Happened

I don’t think my friend Brooke and I really knew what we were getting into when we told our toddlers they could do our makeup.

Brooke’s daughter, London, is 3 years old and was the leading force of this #ToddlerMakeup movement. While my boys, Rockwell, 4, and Phoenix, 2, were less enthusiastic, they were still game to experiment with Mommy’s don’t-ever-touch-this makeup bag. 

So what inspired this? Actually, a similar project I tried out a couple of months ago.

When Summer let her toddler dress her at the beginning of the year, the results were awesome. As The Girls with Glasses, we create these Mom Beauty Monday videos weekly for our YouTube channel. We thought it would be fun to dump out our makeup bags and let our toddlers go wild and ‘beautify’ our faces,” said Brooke. 

As we felt the lipstick glide above and below our lips, it was hard not to giggle. London took it very seriously and scolded Brooke, “Mommy, stop laughing!”

Meanwhile, my boys were more inquisitive. 

“Where does this go?” they both would ask, as they picked up a compact of blush or a tube of liquid liner.

It was a sweet moment to have Phoenix gently pat blush on my cheeks. And then my nose. And then my forehead. And then more on my cheek. (My left cheek was three or four shades pinker than my right.)

When I handed my 4-year-old my liquid liner, I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. Rockwell used my eyelid like a Jackson Pollock canvas, but at least the boys generally stayed in the neighborhood of where each product should be.

London on the other hand, was more independent in her thought process.

“Her eye shadow technique was very free, with big, bold strokes. It was like my face was a real-life coloring book. She didn’t feel the need to stay in the lines,” explained Brooke. 

I’m also glad Brooke did it with me — it made it more fun to be in it together. 

“The reveal was a fun surprise. I loved it! It gave me a good laugh and honestly gave me a lil’ scare when I looked in the mirror. Yikes!” Brooke admitted.

I was actually surprised at how subtle the boys were, but I still looked a little off. 

We would recommend letting your toddler do your makeup for a few reasons. First, motherhood can be fun, if you’re willing to be silly. Second, they will have a blast.

“London’s currently in the phase of constantly asking to help with everything, from cracking an egg to folding towels to playing my guitar. I try to say yes as often as possible. She loved that I let her ‘help’ put on my makeup,” Brooke explained.

And lastly, “We help them learn by letting them do. It allows them to develop coordination, encourages creativity, and provides a bonding experience that lets them know that we believe in them. You never know if one of these experiences will reveal a real talent or interest!”

One word of warning: You might want to make sure your favorite red lipstick isn’t twisted all the way up before they put the cap back on, or that they don’t try to put your liquid liner into your lipstick. 

But at the end of the day, it’s only makeup.

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