What Hairspray is Best for Your Hairstyle?

In my opinion, hairspray is an absolute essential in finishing your hairstyle and making sure it lasts all day.

Don’t think that it always needs to be stiff and flaky though!

The right kind of hairspray can hold your style, but still be a little bit flexible and soft. It can help keep curls or smooth styles without becoming too hard.

When spraying hairspray, no matter what your style is, make sure that you don’t hold the can too close to your head. The farther away you hold the can, the “lighter” the hold will be. Think of it like spraying a “veil” of hairspray over everything, instead of doing a direct shot to a specific area.

With a flexible hold hairspray, your hair should be touchable, but still hold the style. With a firm hold, your style should feel stiffer, but not look like it’s unmovable.

Here are some great hairsprays to look into if you are in the market!

  • Flex Shaping Hairspray 1 of 6

    A flexible hold shaping spray is great to use as you are creating a style ( think of it like working spray), or to finish with. It will hold the shape without being too firm.

    Buy it at Sephora for $24.00

  • Cavia Anti-Aging Working Hair Spray 2 of 6

    A soft and flexible spray is perfect to use as your are curling your hair. It will hold the curl better, but still be leave your hair brush-able and bouncy.

    Buy it at Sephora for $28.00

  • Kenra Volume 25 3 of 6

    My all-time favorite firm hold hairspray. In my opinion, an absolute essential on a wedding day or any hairstyle that you want to stay in place all day. It won't feel too stiff and hard, but will fight humidity and keep your hair looking great.

    Buy it at HairCareChoices.com for $24.00

  • Volume Advance Volumizing Styling Spray 4 of 6

    A firm hold that will last all day! Consider using this as a final step to your hairstyle. If you have everything in place, finish with a light veil of this spray and you will be good to go!

    Buy it at Sephora for $23.50

  • Spray de Mode 5 of 6

    A workable, flexible hold spray. If you are pulling your hair back into a messy bun, make sure you spray a little working spray like this one in before you start. The texture will make your hair easier to work with and encourage a great hold.

    Buy it at Sephora for $15.00

  • Sebastian Shaper Plus 6 of 6

    A long time favorite of many, it's a flexible hold hairspray that leaves your hair soft. It will never flake or make your hair feel clumpy.

    Buy it at Target for $18.99

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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