What Kind Of Hair Brush is Best for Your Hair Type?

Do you ever wonder what hair brush is right for you?

The best thing to do is ask your stylist what brushes they are using while blow drying your hair, and ask them to explain why. They may be able to explain your texture to you best, and therefore help you decide what brush you need.

Other than having the right brush, make sure you clean it out from stray hairs regularly. It will keep the brush in good shape and prevent any buildup from transferring onto your hair.

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  • Boar Detangling Brush 2 of 7

    A boar detangling brush is great for nearly any texture. It will smooth through your hair without pulling too hard, but there is a chance it will cause static electricity depending on where you live.

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  • Large Round Brush 3 of 7

    A large round brush is great to use with your blow dryer. You can add lift at the roots, as well as a slight bend in your ends. Ideally, you want to use this on hair that's longer than chin-length and any texture. The straighter your hair is, the more bend you'll get from this brush.

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  • Large Paddle Brush 4 of 7

    A large paddle brush is perfect for long hair. It's good to blow dry with and to use for smoothing hair back into a ponytail.

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  • Vented Paddle Brush 5 of 7

    A vented brush is the best for blow drying since it will allow air flow. A vented paddle brush is great for any hair length.

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  • The Wet Brush 6 of 7

    The Wet Brush is perfect for smoothing out tangled, wet locks. Always be gentle when brushing wet hair since it's much more fragile.

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  • Boar Round Brush 7 of 7

    A boar round brush is great for naturally curly or wavy hair. The boar bristles will pull the hair a little more than plastic ones to help smooth it out.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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