What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Beauty Edition

There is no doubt that pregnancy is an absolutely amazing and magical time. When I became pregnant, I was ecstatic. I was 34 years old and about to embark on an incredible journey. But I’d be lying if I said that behind the excitement, there wasn’t a bit of, well, fear. Fear of the unknown. I’d never done this before, I had no idea what to expect and where my path to motherhood, and beyond, would lead me.

Like most expectant mothers, I read a lot of books. They filled me in on how big my baby was in a given month, when and how often I should feel kicking, and the details of labor and birth. But there were a lot of changes during my pregnancy and the post-partum period that no one talked about. “I had really bad hemorrhoids last month” is not the typical topic of conversation.

I found a lot of cosmetic concerns to be amongst the biggest surprises. Beyond the fact that many women don’t want to draw attention to the problem, there is the fear of coming across as superficial. When you discuss your appearance during pregnancy, it’s often brushed off. Friends, family, and even doctors will say, “Oh, but you’re building a baby,” and redirect the focus to the joys of creating a life rather than on a solution. While it is important to keep these changes in perspective, they are likely to arouse a little anxiety (unless you are one of the rare, highly evolved Zen-types).

My goal for this post is to lessen that stress. I found real mothers willing to share their experiences with aesthetic issues that popped up — some commonly known and others you may have never guessed. With each is practical advice about how to treat or disguise the problem, but most simply require time and patience. It’s important to know what may occur, that these changes are normal, and that you aren’t alone.

Click through the slideshow for personal accounts of 10 common beauty-related conditions you may experience, so you know what to expect when you’re expecting.

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