What’s In Her Makeup Bag: With Makeup Artist Allie Lapidus

Call me a creeper, but I love getting sneak peeks into the lives of others…which is probably why I love blogging. Because, really, when you boil it all down, isn’t that really why we all read blogs? I’ve always loved those “What’s In My Bag” features that have been pretty prolific across blogs and social media where people dump out the contents of their purses and we all get to take a look into the inner workings of their lives and see what their absolute, must-have, essentials are.

Thus I was inspired me to start a recurring series featuring the makeup bags of those who are professionals in the industry or even just lovers of beauty, so we can all see “what’s in her makeup bag”…because you know you were wondering. And what better way to get great new product recommends?

I’m super excited to have the lovely Allie Lapidus (makeup artist extraordinaire who I met while I was in L.A. for the Radio Disney Music Awards recently), as my first guest – so let’s meet her and check out what’s in her bag!

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    What's In Her Makeup Bag: With Makeup Artist Allie Lapidus

    This is Allie. She is a professional makeup artist based in L.A. and fantastically talented (see her work here). Let's get to know her and her makeup bag in her own words...

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    What's In Her Makeup Bag: With Makeup Artist Allie Lapidus

    Allie shares a little about her overall beauty routine:

    "I like to keep my day to day makeup routine super simple.  I love products that can multitask, since I don't want to carry around a ton of stuff if I don't have to for work! I focus a lot on my skincare and use makeup to subtly emphasize the things I like about my face.  I've developed a routine that I can execute in under 5 minutes that makes me feel like a cleaned up, put together version of myself. On a normal day I like to keep my eyes pretty neutral with just some soft definition around the lashline, so I'll use a pencil and blend it out or, more often, will just use some black shadow to tightline my eyes.  I like mascaras that emphasize my lash length, although I don't use mascara every day, in order to give my lashes a break.  Highlighter is my secret weapon, and I use it on all of the high points of my face before applying my foundation, and sometimes add some as a finisher if I want to feel extra glowy. My lips are where I'll typically play with color, and it's really fun to add a bright lip to and otherwise clean, neutral face.  I like my lips to match my mood, so the bulk of my makeup bag is taken up by an arsenal of lip products, which I can also softly blend into my cheeks in place of blush."
  • 1. Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation 3 of 15
    What's In Her Makeup Bag: With Makeup Artist Allie Lapidus
    "This foundation by Make Up For Ever is my favorite foundation for light coverage! I love that I can't feel it on my skin and that it softly blends out pores and uneven skin tones while still looking super natural. It has a dewy finish. I prefer to have as few layers on my face as is possible, so in lieu of powder I'll dab the surface of my skin with a single layer of tissue to soak up the moisture and set my foundation. When I do use powder, I reach for Make Up For Ever's HD Microfinish Powder which gives the Face & Body foundation an even softer finish!"
  • 2. Sonia Kashuk Essential Eye Kit + Sonia Kashuk Lash Comb 4 of 15
    What's In Her Makeup Bag
    "This mini brush set by Sonia Kashuk is AMAZING. It has travel size brushes of every tool I need to create a basic eye look. I tend to apply my makeup in my car (parked, of course!) and in other on-the-go places so having brushes on me is helpful. I apply a lot of makeup with my fingers, but I can't do eyeliner with them and eyeliner is a major component of my look, so this saves the day! I also love the tiny brush roll which keeps them in place and clean in my purse. Also: $11.49! Shown next to it is Sonia Kashuk's Lash Comb , which is probably the best tool $5 can buy."
  • 3. Really Pretty Radiant Highlighter 5 of 15
    What's In Her Makeup Bag
    "Glowy skin and a soft cheek highlight are my signatures in my work, so I guess it isn't surprising that I like that look for myself. I found that most of the commercial highlighters I tried were too metallic, or too runny, or not workable enough for what I needed, so I messed around and mixed up a version that has become my #1 most reached-for product in my kit (it will be for sale in my online shop soon!). As a cream, it can be applied easily anywhere on the face, from the temples to the cheekbones to the bridge of the nose to the cupid's bow, which is one of my favorite tricks for emphasizing the natural shape of my lips. I also love to apply it on my décolletage and shoulders when I'm feeling fancy.  It's made with all sorts of amazing natural ingredients and has just the right amount of shine to subtly highlight without being glaring."
  • 4. Josie Maran Eye Palette 6 of 15
    What's In Her Makeup Bag
    "The eye palette in my bag came from Sephora - exclusive kit from a few years ago by Josie Maran (here is a similar one), which is one of my all-time favorite cosmetic lines.  As you can tell, this piece is a workhorse in my personal collection and is so loved that I used up the pretty beige color that used to be on the bottom right! I love that it has my 3 favorite neutrals: gold, dark brown, and black.  I use this to emphasize my lash line on basic days and can even do a full out smoky eye with it if I need to."


  • 5. Herban Essentials Lemon Towelettes 7 of 15
    What's In Her Makeup Bag
    "Herban Essentials essential oil towelettes are my favorite product for sanitizing my hands, on set and in my personal life. I'm really excited about integrating natural products into my routine wherever I can, and these contain no chemicals or alcohol, so they don't dry out my hands. They also smell amazing and I love that I get a little aromatherapy with my sanitizing action."
  • 6. L’Oreal Power Volume Collagen Mascara 8 of 15
    What's In Her Makeup Bag
    "L'Oreal mascaras are some of the best out there! I love fancy mascaras for going out, but L'Oreal's work really well and are a dependable standard for day to day wear. I am usually loyal to their Voluminous Waterproof in Carbon Black (my work go-to) but decided to try out this newer Collagen line (L'Oreal Power Volume Collagen Mascara).  I don't actually notice too much of a difference, but it works just as well, so I'm happy."
  • 7. Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner in Deepest Black 9 of 15
    What's In Her Makeup Bag
    "This eye liner was missing from my bag when I took the picture (I found it in my car- not surprising!) so in it's place is an ELF liner that's been floating in my bag for a while after I had an impulse shopping day at Target. The ELF is decent, but no comparison for my Prestige jam. Prestige is a drugstore line that's known for it's awesome, super-lasting liners and this one doesn't disappoint.  It's super black and it doesn't move, which are really my two main requirements. I typically apply pencil liners with a brush, for a softer and smudgier application.  It's also great applied with an angle brush to construct an easy, everyday cat-eye look, which I often do to mimic the curve of my eyelashes."


  • 8. Customized Swarovski Tweezerman Mirror 10 of 15
    What's In My Makeup Bag
    "I went for actual YEARS without a mirror in my personal bag - I don't tend to use products that come with them and there's only so much space in a makeup bag. Then I realized that I would probably remember to touch up my makeup more if I could see myself (I'm really bad at this when it comes to myself, I think I reserve all of my touching up for work).  I've been making crystal art in my spare time and so I picked up this Tweezerman Unbreakable Mirror from Sephora and blinged it out with my logo (these are for sale at my online shop). Now I have a mirror which doesn't take up a ton of space and it's sparkly! And the important thing is that it has totally helped me remember to check up on myself more often."
  • 9. Tom Ford Lip Color in Pink Dusk 11 of 15
    What's In Her Makeup Bag
    "If you're ever going to splurge on a lipstick in your life, go with Tom Ford.  Mine is from the initial limited release of his lip color collection, so it is in an older white tube (Tom Ford Lip Color in Pink Dusk).  This color is a pretty neutral pinkish-beige and looks as great applied on the cheeks as it does on lips.  I ration this one."


  • 10. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Color by Kate Moss in 01 12 of 15
    What's In Her Makeup Bag
    "Hands-down the best drugstore red I've ever found (Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Color by Kate Moss in 01).  It's universally flattering and as pigmented as all of the high-end formulas I use for work. And it really does last!  Definitely not for the faint of heart-  this is RED.  Once I wore it to run an errand at Home Depot and everyone looked at me like I was an alien, but it was fun! I apply this in thin layers and dab with a single layer of tissue each time to set."
  • 11. Butter London Lippy Liquid Lipstick in Come To Bed 13 of 15
    What's In Her Makeup Bag
    "Just in case the Rimmel wasn't red enough there's this.  This is a slightly brighter tone and looks great layered over the Rimmel.  I love basically everything Butter London makes. And that name?  I can't even."


  • 12. Nars Lip Gloss in Easy Lover 14 of 15
    What's In Her Makeup Bag
    "This lip gloss by Nars is a sheer hot pink gloss that looks subtly pretty alone or adds an extra punch of brightness over one of my already bright lip colors. I'm not a huge lip gloss fan and I always forget to re-apply it, but I make an exception for this one."
  • 13. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti, Sweet Tart, and Pink Truffle 15 of 15
    What's In Her Makeup Bag
    "The Internet fell in love with these Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters when they debuted last year and after hearing about them over and over and over I finally gave in. They really are that good! The texture is great and they're sheer enough to be subtle with one layer and suddenly get super highly pigmented with subsequent layers, for when you're feeling extra bright.  Tutti Frutti is my favorite, and everyone is initially scared by how orange it is.  It's magic though, because it turns into this really flattering coral once it's applied. It looks so great on a range of skin tones that I bought one for my kit. I like to apply these by patting them on with my finger to get a soft, natural application."
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