When Kids Take Beauty Into Their Own Hands

At some point, it happens to the best of us. Our kids get into our makeup, or nail polish, or even (GASP!) our razors. As annoying as it is to have your favorite lipstick demolished or to have your adorable kid give themselves an awful haircut, it’s pretty funny. Yes, when kids take their appearance into their own hands, hilarity ensues. Here are 25 ridiculous pictures to prove it.

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    Looks like this guy found some clippers to play with! As hairstylist, this may be my worst fear.
    Found on Shit My Kids Ruined.
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    I think she was going for the goth look.
    Spotted it on Shit My Kids Ruined.
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    If you can't grow a beard, create one!
    Found on Reddit.
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    Hey, I give him an A for effort. I think he hit a few toenails.
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    I like the use of shimmer!
    Read all about it on Happy Hour Mom.
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    At least she can see better now.
    Get the full story on Maydae.
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    I don't think she needs to worry about chapped lips (or chin!)
    Check it out on A Night Owl's Daydreams.
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    This cute little bandit looks like she's ready to rob a few banks.
    Found on Shit My Kids Ruined.
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    Now I want to get into a shaving cream fight!
    See more shaving cream shenanigans on Shit My Kids Ruined.
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    I wonder if his mother had such a big smileā€¦
    See more pics on Great Lakes Salmon.
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    Well, it IS a very pretty red. Why not paint the town?
    Read the story on Smitten By.
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    Oh no! Not the really expensive face cream! This one is hard to look at.
    Get the details on Pop Sugar.
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    This girl has some skills but she may need to turn it down a notch.
    Found on We Style NY.
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    It's really amazing how disgusting Vaseline can look. I wonder how much shampoo it took to get this poor guy's head matte again.
    Read more on Rants From Mommyland.
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    Who could be mad at that face? And is it me or do her hands look bronzed?
    Found on Shit My Kids Ruined.
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    I'm not sure what is more hilarious, her new self-imposed haircut or her expression.
    Discovered on Break.
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    Yeah, that's nail polish. OMG.
    Find out more about this little rascal on The Rusted Chain.
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    This girl's girl has the right idea: You can never have enough pink.
    The full story at Momaha is hilarious.
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    Maybe clippers and beard trimmers need to be locked in a safe.
    Find out how they resolved this matter at The Third Boob.
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    Wow, this is a LOT of destruction for one small curious kid. Cheeky monkey!
    Found on Shit My Kids Ruined.
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    A nail tech in the making? Kudos to this Mom, who let her kid go for it.
    See the finished product at Polish Amor.
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    This little girl looks like an extra in a horror film and that is both creepy and awesome.
    Discovered on Shit My Kids Ruined.
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    I feel for this girl. You can kind of see the regret on her face. Been there.
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    Who knew Vick's VapoRub was such an amazing spiking product? Thanks for the tip, little dude.
    Found on Shit My Kid Ruined.
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    Last but not least, my son caught with my Nars lipstick(!), eyelash curler, eye shadow, and with half an eyebrow. He used my razor for that last one. Parenting FAIL.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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