Where to Splurge and Where to Save When Shopping for Makeup

If I won the lottery one of my first purchases would be a carload of makeup products. I’d have an entire closet stocked with every conceivable color of eye shadow, every length of fake eyelashes and lipsticks, lipsticks, lipsticks. It would be heaven. Truthfully, makeup-enomics — new word, you heard it here first– isn’t easy. The whole point of makeup is to look better (and have fun) so quality is key. But you can spend a small fortune to stock a kit that’s the size of an envelope. In some cases, expensive products are 100% worth the money. In others, however, you do NOT need to shell out the price of a fine dinner for something that will look exactly the same as the drugstore version. In this 3 Minute Makeover I’ll explain where you should feel entirely justified in splurging and where you should absolutely go for the bargain. Keep these tips in mind while shopping for Spring/Summer trends and have a look at this 3MM episode for a little shopping inspiration.

What’s the best makeup investment you’ve made? And what’s your best bargain find?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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