Why I’m Lusting Over L’Occitane Skincare

I have been in search for the perfect natural cream that will hydrate and brighten my skin through pregnancy. Most creams tend to instantly absorb right into my skin, leaving it wanting more. After much research and trial and error, I made a trip to L’Occitane and instantly fell in love with the Creme Divine. I was just going to take a sample home, but after trying it in the store, I was hooked right then and there (yes, I am that customer). Check out my slideshow to see why I love it so much, and find out what other products I ended up taking home.

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    L'Occitane has been around for years, but surprisingly I had never used their skincare. After a trip to one of their boutiques, see what L'Occitane products I have added into my fall/winter skincare regimen. 

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    Who doesn't love a GWP? I can't remember the last time I bought something and got a gift with it. I was so excited after I chose the creme and the adorable saleswoman told me I also got to take home a box filled with little travel size versions of 4 more of their bestsellers. 

    Essential Divine Collection, $66.50 

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    I love a good serum. You could probably say that serums are my skincare weakness. I love the way that they feel on the skin and how they boost my moisturizer. The essential oils in this serum penetrate without making your skin feel oily, yet my skin has a gorgeous glow for hours on end after I apply it.  


    The eye cream is light enough to wear under makeup, yet heavy enough to wear through the night. I love the consistency. Both products have a floral scent to them that are a little strong, but it settles down after it's on your skin. 

    Divine Extract  $116

    Divine Eyes $76

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    I love how lightweight this foaming cleanser is. It is so gentle that it almost feels like water is cleansing your skin, yet it takes my basic makeup off. I'm a big fan! 

    Precious Cleansing Foam $11-$44

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    This alcohol-free toner is packed with floral water and green tea extract. The ladies in the boutique told me to spray it on my hands and then pat it onto my skin rather than spritzing it into a cotton round. There is no need to use a lot, and by applying it with your hands, you don't waste the product. 

    Essential Water $18, $27

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    I am loving this cream for many reasons... I can wear it under makeup or on top of a night serum. It doesn't leave your skin oily, yet it moisturizes just enough. My skin is baby soft after using it, and I have been getting compliments on my skin. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to step it up a notch. The price tag is on the higher side, but I think it is well worth it, and heck ... YOU DESERVE IT!

    Creme Divine $106

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    I couldn't leave the store without grabbing a little she butter hand cream for my handbag. For fun, I picked the Jasmin Passion scent, and I love it. It is so subtle, you can hardly notice the scent. The she butter hand creams are amazing for your skin this time of year. They also make great stocking stuffers or present toppers! 

    Jasmin Passion She Butter Hand Cream $12

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    When the lovely sales ladies found out I was expecting, they told me I must try the Almond Milk Concentrate for my growing baby bump. They sent me home with travel size packets, and I am loving the light texture that melts right into your skin. Next time, I'm going to pick up the Almond Supple Skin Oil too to layer underneath. 

    Almond Milk Concentrate $46

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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