Why Popular Nail Trends Don’t Work for Moms

I’m a fan of caviar nails, but I have discovered three reasons why one of the most popular nail trends of the year doesn’t work for moms.

Ciate Caviar Nails
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I rarely polish my fingernails. It just seems pointless. Between washing everything in my house including dishes, my son, and everything in between, my nails chip as soon as they’re polished. And I hate chipped nails. My nails stay naked for this very reason.

Some time ago I fell in love with Ciate Caviar Nails. If you’re not familiar, no, caviar nails are not fish egg nails. They are small beads that are applied to the nails for a beautiful 3-D look. It’s gorgeous. I almost considered paying the $25 for a Ciate Caviar Nails kit at Sephora. But then I remembered the hard truth: popular, complex nail trends don’t work for moms.

When my son was first born, in an effort to reclaim my femininity, I painted my nails a beautiful shade of hot pink. It made me feel sexy. Then I started noticing hot pink flakes all over the house. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it. I continued to observe as my nails chipped more and more, as I saw more of the flakes around the house. Granted, this wasn’t the highest quality fingernail polish. It was nothing fancy at all, and certainly not a gel or shellac.

As I see more and more pins of caviar nail on Pinterest, I want them. But the image of microbeads appearing in random places just like the hot pink fingernail polish cause me to pause. According to a review, the microbeads fall off your nails, but at the same time, they are also almost impossible to remove with fingernail polish remover. You may end up scarping them off your nail. This creates an even bigger mess and hazard for toddlers.

Secondly, caviar nails are also very time consuming. The process includes applying a base coat, two coats of polish, waiting, sprinkling beads over nails twice, waiting, and then top coat. Repeat on 9 other nails. What mother has time for that?

Thirdly, keeping the nail and microbeads clean is an impossible task. Everything, I mean everything, can get caught in between the microbeads. So be careful or wear gloves for all your daily tasks.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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