Win A Good Hair Day With Jennifer Aniston!

Jennifer Aniston and celebrity stylist Chris McMillan for Living Proof
Jennifer Aniston and celebrity stylist Chris McMillan for Living Proof

Somewhere around 7% of women say they are happy with their hair… ONLY 7%!?! They also say that when they’re not having a good hair day, it makes them feel emotional, ugly, and sad. Something needs to change!

Jennifer Aniston and celebrity hair stylist Chris McMillan want to give you a good hair day and have teamed with Living Proof for a three-part web series called Obsessions, Confessions, & Lessons where they chat with women about their hair, share their craziest hair stories and their hairiest confessions.

Watch the fun videos and then submit your own hair obsessions and confessions to be entered to win an Ultimate Good Hair Day… where you get to MEET Jen and get a VIP haircut with Chris!

This is just one of the three great Living Proof videos.

You have three chances to enter. Submit your entry by uploading a video, posting a photo and caption, or writing a short text submission around each episode’s theme. You can enter once for each episode and at the end, Jennifer and Chris will choose their favorite. Psst! Chris is responsible for “The Rachel

* Go to Living Proof to watch the three-part series and enter to win or Submit Your Story Here

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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