10 Essential Summer Herbs and How to Cook with Them

Carrot and Parsley Salad

Most people know I am crazy about growing herbs and cooking with them. I seriously love nothing more than plucking fresh herbs off my deck and using them in every single meal. I’ve gotten used to cooking with a core group of herbs during my years in the kitchen, and these are my favorites. I know there are plenty more that are not listed here, so I’d love to know what you use when you cook!

  • Chives 1 of 10
    Savory chive has a terrific onion flavor that lends a sharp, acrid bite to most dishes. The bits of chive give these cheddar and chive biscuits a savory flavor, which pairs perfectly with the rich cheddar cheese. They would be great for any summer luncheon or served with ham for dinner.
    Make cheddar and chive buttermilk biscuits
  • Tarragon 2 of 10
    Tarragon is a close cousin of sage and adds a rich, earthy flavor to most dishes. For a light touch, add it to this creamy chicken salad for a dish that's perfect for your next summer party.
    Make walnut tarragon chicken salad
  • Dill 3 of 10
    Dill is an herb that can quickly divide a crowd. My husband doesn't like it, so I rarely use it at home. Devotees of the herb will love this dill potato salad. The sharp dill flavor shines against the potatoes, making it the perfect side for a summer potluck.
    Make a dilled potato salad
  • Thyme 4 of 10
    Thyme is a sweeter herb that is wonderful for flavoring cold soups, roast chicken, and all kinds of bread stuffing. It also lends clean, herbaceous notes to traditional shortbread, making this recipe a wonderful treat for a garden lunch.
    Make lemon thyme shortbread bars
  • Mint 5 of 10
    Mint is always a popular herb, especially with kids who love the sweet and fresh taste. From soups to drinks, the possibilities for mint are endless. Try one of these refreshing mint recipes on a hot day this summer.
    Make seven amazing mint recipes
  • Cilantro 6 of 10
    Cilantro can be a very polarizing herb that some people hate. This may be due to genetics - scientists have found that some people inherit a gene that makes cilantro taste awful. If you're fortunate enough to enjoy this flavorful herb, you would love this cilantro potato salad wrap. It's perfect for a beach picnic!
    Make a cilantro red potato salad wrap
  • Sage 7 of 10
    Sage is a very robust herb that is often responsible for flavoring rich soups and deep sauces, like browned butter for pastas. Here it lends a smokey taste to sweet honeyed cornbread, the perfect side for any summer feast.
    Make honey sage cornbread
  • Basil 8 of 10
    Basil is one of the sweetest and most popular herbs of summer. It adds a delicious and bright flavor to all sorts of dishes, including this tasty sausage and basil frittata.
    Make a basil and sausage frittata
  • Rosemary 9 of 10
    Most people associate rosemary with lamb and heavy roasts, but it can also lend a wonderful flavor to lighter foods like biscuits and crackers. These delicious rosemary and walnut crackers would pair beautifully with cheese and a crisp wine on a nice summer evening.
    Make rosemary walnut crackers
  • Parsley 10 of 10
    Parsley is a slightly more savory herb and is most often used as garnish. In this salad it gets a chance to take center stage by providing the perfect green contrast to sweet carrots.
    Make a carrot and parsley salad

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