10 Best Easter Brunch Recipes for Under $10

Strawberry Oven Pancake

With Easter and spring entertaining season coming up, it is time to think about spring brunch recipes. It is totally amazing how many delicious meals can be made for under $10. A secret in a lot of them is eggs. Did you know an egg costs, on average, less than 50 cents? An plain omelet can be made for $1! This time I stretched the be $10 per dish since that is usually how much it takes to feed at least 4 to 6 people. These are all simple and straightforward meals that range from the expected (quiche) to the fun (strawberry oven pancake – pictured above) to the unusual (bacon and egg pizza!) and would be great for Easter entertaining and beyond!

  • Egg & Bacon Pizza 1 of 10
    Egg & Bacon Pizza
    Homemade pizza dough costs about $2 to make and the toppings, eggs, and bacon are less than a dollar per slice.
    Make egg and bacon pizza
  • Baked Eggs in Ramekins 2 of 10
    Baked Eggs in Ramekins
    An egg costs roughly fifty cents. Couple that with a slice of ham and pinch of cheese, and each of these cups rounds out to $2 apiece!
    Make baked eggs in ramekins
  • Baked Apple Cinnamon French Toast 3 of 10
    Baked Apple Cinnamon French Toast
    A loaf of bread costs less than $4. Combine that with milk ($2), eggs ($1.50) and an apple - this whole casserole costs a little over $8 and will feed a crowd.
    Make baked apple cinnamon french toast
  • Roasted Chile Cheese 4 of 10
    Roasted Chile Cheese
    This crustless quiche features chopped chiles, 10 eggs ($7), and a bagged of mixed cheeses from the grocery store ($2.50), making a perfect brunch party dish.
    Make a caprese omelet
  • Ben’s Leftover Frittata 5 of 10
    Ben's Leftover Frittata
    The basics for this genius frittata cost $7. The leftovers from your fridge are free!
    Make a leftover frittata
  • Pancake Bacon Egg Cups 6 of 10
    Pancake Bacon Egg Cups
    The three main ingredients in these egg cups cost $2 each, making all 4 cups an $8 meal!
    Make pancake bacon egg cups
  • Strawberry Oven Pancake 7 of 10
    Strawberry Oven Pancake
    Simple pancake ingredients amount to $5. Add in a $3 cup of strawberries, and you've got a pie-like oven pancake to serve a party.
    Make a strawberry oven pancake
  • Pancake Berry Muffin 8 of 10
    Pancake Berry Muffin
    Combine simple $3 pancake mix with a $3 mix of fresh berries to make these simple breakfast muffins.
    Make pancake berry muffin
  • Asparagus Quiche 9 of 10
    Asparagus Quiche
    The main ingredient of this quiche is a $5 bunch of asparagus and $3 worth of eggs. With a $2 crust on the bottom, a delicious breakfast is ready!
    Make an asparagus quiche
  • Coffee Donut Bread Pudding 10 of 10
    Coffee Donut Bread Pudding
    A package of donuts costs $4, then simply add that morning's coffee, 3 eggs ($1), and a generous spoonful of sugar to make this tasty breakfast treat.
    Make coffee donut bread pudding

Photo: Julie VR

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