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As a vegan blogger the number one question I get asked is about how one goes about kicking their dairy habit. The most notable dairy-delicious food items: ice cream and cheese. As a former cheese addict, I know what it means to love, adore and crave cheese. On any shopping trip, you could find me hovering in the cheese section – sniffing creamy cuts of brie and robust pepperjack – a blissful look on my face. My favorite foods involved cheese. Grilled cheese, cheese pizza, cheese and crackers – and don’t get me started on my love of ricotta and Mozzarella laced lasagna. But eventually I conquered my dairy habit. Dairy cheese actually turns me off now! Today, vegan cheese is something I lust for, swoon over and crave. And it is all thanks to some amazing vegan alternatives to classic dairy cheese. Find out my 10 best dairy-free, vegan cheese options!..

  • Vegan Cheese Panini 1 of 18

    Yes! Melty, luscious, dairy-free cheese is possible! Get ready to dive into a few of the best options out there. Vegan paninis and pizzas never looked so yummy!

  • Daiya Cheese 2 of 18

    The most popular vegan cheese out there has to be Daiya Cheese. Most people prefer it because it has the ability to melt like real cheese. Many pizza places now offer Daiya as a dairy-free cheese alternative. Daiya comes in three flavors: Mozzerella, Cheddar and new Pepperjack.
    Make Daiya pepperjack panini

  • Follow Your Heart Cheese 3 of 18

    Another popular brand of vegan cheese is Follow Your Heart. They also make the widely popular vegan mayo product, Vegenaise. FYH cheese has delicious flavor but does not melt as well as Daiya. My favorite flavor is the Monterey Jack.
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  • Sliced Follow Your Heart Cheddar 4 of 18

    As you can see, Follow Your heart looks just like real cheese even though it contains only plant-based ingredients.

  • Vegan Cheese Pizza 5 of 18

    Vegan pizza has become very popular in the past few years. This broccoli cheese vegan pizza contains Daiya Mozzarella flavor and Follow Your Heart Cheddar.
    Make vegan cheese pizza

  • Vegan Parmesan 6 of 18

    For all your Parmesan cheese cravings, try Galaxy Foods vegan Parm sprinkle. Amazing flaky texture for pasta, pizza and more. There are a few other good brands as well for vegan Parmesan cheese.
    Find the recipe at Healthy Happy Life

  • Dr. Cow Raw Aged Tree Nut Cheese 7 of 18

    For the true, hard-to-please cheese expert there is Dr. Cow's aged, tree nut-based cheese. This stuff is amazing. It truly tastes like a fine, aged dairy cheese. It has that tangy cheese accent you crave — a creamy yet firm texture. Dr. Cow cheese can be purchased online and at a few rare specialty stores. If you want to impress cheese lovers, try this cheese. You will be amazed. Perfect for parties.
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  • Homemade Cashew Nut Cheese 8 of 18

    Homemade cashew cheese has been a popular trend on food blogs. And for good reason! This creamy, velvety, party-approved cheese is simply delicious! It can be served warm and dry, baked from the oven or chilled in the fridge. And you'll never get bored since you can infuse this cheese with whatever flavors you choose!
    Make cashew cheese

  • Homemade Cheddar Cheese Dip or Sauce 9 of 18

    Homemade cheese sauce is versatile and kid friendly. Try it on nachos, pasta, with veggies, crackers and more.
    Make cheddar cheese dip

  • Fake-out Mac and Cheese 10 of 18

    Mac and cheese is a classic favorite in any household. Try this vegan cheese-infused pasta and fake them all out by how delicious this vegan dish tastes and looks!
    Find the recipe at Healthy Happy Life.

  • Tofu Feta Cheese Cubes 11 of 18

    If fine feta cheese is your craving, try this homemade marinated tofu that resembles those sassy little blocks of feta — perfect for topping salads with.
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  • Vegan Cream Cheese 12 of 18

    A wide number of tofu-based cream cheeses can be found. Trader Joe's now has their own brand and the standard vegan brand most often seen in stores is Tofutti. I like to infuse some extra flavor into my vegan cream cheese by adding veggies, spices and more.
    Find the recipe at Healthy Happy Life

  • Homemade Cashew Ricotta Cheese 13 of 18

    Cashews can be made into a creamy, well-textured ricotta alternative. Super in vegan lasagna or scooped over top salads.
    Find the recipe at Healthy Happy Life

  • Spicy Chipotle Cheese Sauce 14 of 18

    One of my newest favorite cheese recipes is for this spicy cheese sauce, which is perfect as a dip or pasta sauce. It's like the vegan version of Velveeta and salsa!
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  • Chipotle Shells and Cheese 15 of 18

    Here is my chipotle cheese sauce over pasta shells and studded with vegan field roast chipotle sausage bits and fresh cilantro.

  • Nutritional Yeast 16 of 18

    And if all else fails, or if you just want a hint of "something cheesy" in your recipe — grab the vegan cheesy standard: nutritional yeast. Delicious and super healthy. What's not to like about this amazing ingredient?
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  • Cheese on Tofu Scramble 17 of 18

    So remember, you can try vegan cheese on your recipes all day long. Even on this savory breakfast tofu scramble. Give vegan cheese a try in your favorite recipes.
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  • Black and White Panini 18 of 18

    I hope you are inspired to give vegan cheese a try — vegan paninis all around!
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